Lovely little heaviness on my chest

I’m trying to write this post with a tiny body glued to my chest, sleeping calmly. It seems to be the favorite position, especially after long crying due to colics and whatever reasons there are for belly pains. I love to feel the warmth of the baby napping on my chest, listen to the breathing, smelling that newborn smell.

We got a closet full of little clothes, size 56 and 62. Tiny onesies, rompers, small t-shirts and pants, and of course mini socks for mini feet. There are cute dresses hanging there as well, hats with bows, many baby blankets and flowery pijamas piling up next to half a dozen of tiny towels.

I didn’t mention it here, but I got pregnant last year. Somewhere between November and December. It hit me strong, like hammer strong. It came as surprise. And became a beginning of a big change in our lives.

We bought a house. Outside of the city, 3 bedroom house to fit our – now bigger – family. At the verge of the forest. Far away from everything and in a lovely spot. With backyard where the kids can play and where we can have barbecues all warm season. A place where we are going to grow as family and make beautiful memories.

Life changed a lot in the last months. I mean here I go again with breastfeeding, sleepless nights, lots of crying and diapersโ€ฆ and I just weaned my toddler and taught him to pee in a potty. Life can be funny this way. But change can be so beautiful. Can have ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes. Can have blue eyes and small button nose. Can warm the heart with first baby smiles. And has a beautiful name: Helena.

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