Our romantic getaway to Venice

View from Accademia Bridge in Venice

I wasn’t posting anything for a very long time, again. It’s like my life consists now of work until 6pm, then just fast dinner, few moments with my boy before we bath him and take him for sleep. And then it’s time for me to sleep as well and start it all over again the next morning.
But today I am coming with a nice post.

Grand Canal

After long 4 months without any vacation we finally went for 6 days to chill in Italy. It was my Christmas present, booking in Venice to spend a romantic weekend there, but due to flights changes it got prolonged to 6 days. And it was only two of us who went, leaving our boy with grandparents, so that we could really rest and enjoy ourselves. Venice was a great place to do that.

The Gondolas were beautiful in Venice.

We spend our days walking mostly. After sitting on my ass for the whole day while working, those long walks felt amazing. I was blissfully tired physically, my legs even got blisters, which wasn’t nice at all, but my legs felt alive. Usually during the week I make 1000-2000 steps per day, and only if I am really busy walking around the house. Otherwise maybe even less. In Venice we reached 20-25 thousands steps per day. There is no other public transportation there, besides boats and Gondolas, so we walked everywhere.

Lovely canal in Venice

We got lost among canals and small narrow streets multiple times, enjoying the view and the atmosphere. Venice is really romantic and beautiful. Old buildings and canals make the town look like taken from another time. I was surprised by the pretty clean water in canals, and the fact that they didn’t smell bad or anything. I heard it can smell in the summer thought, so I would recommend going to Venice in spring or fall.

Cute view over canal and Venetian architecture

The fact that there are no cars makes the islands silent, even if boats are passing by on the canals. There was no traffic to wake us up in the morning, not to mention no little boy requesting breakfast or cartoons at 7 am. We slept until we woke up by ourselves, not even bothering with alarm clock, not woken up by anyone else. Amazing feeling, which I don’t even remember having in the last years.

Piaza San Marco

What did we see and do there? Typical day for us was to go out after breakfast and go wherever our feet would take us. Well we saw all the canals and small streets, the shopping streets, lots of churches like Greek Orthodox church, Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute. Of course we went to Basilica San Marco, which looks beautiful outside as well as inside with a mix of catholic and byzantine icons and art. We passed the iconic bridges: Rialto Bridge and Academia Bridge. There’s a wonderful view from those two.
After hours of walking and then lunch, we would go for a nap on some days, other days we would just keep walking. We ate lots of pizza and pasta and fish during our stay in Italy. It was all very delicious. I was surprised how much I liked pizza there, after reading bad reviews about pizza in Venice. It was really good. So was pasta obviously.

Rialto Bridge

One day of our trip we dedicated to going to Verona. Another stunning town! I fell in love with the architecture there, the greenery in the town, antient Arena. We climbed on the tower in the town center and had amazing view over the whole city. Naturally we also visited the most popular among tourist site of town: Julliet’s balcony. We bought a small lock and wrote our names there to hang it on a metal barrier for good luck in love. Not that we need it, but it was nice romantic experience ☺️

It was an amazing trip. My husband was the second time in Venice and Verona and the first time he didn’t like it that much. Now with me he said that Venice is actually beautiful and he loved our romantic vacation.

Basilica San Marco


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