Farewell 2021

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Goodbye 2021!

This year has been interesting. There are some big changes that happened in my life and also  a few trips that I took, not only in the country I live in. Not too bad for a year when we still fight this crazy pandemic. So here’s the review of the last 12 months:


We welcomed 2021 in a hotel room of Oradea where we got stuck close to border on our way to Poland. Never made it there, because there was Covid in the family back in Bucharest, so we went back. We stopped in Sibiu on the way, and I absolutely fell in love with this city. Reminds me of my beloved Bruges with its architecture. Very nice place to stay. I got Covid as well by the way, was fighting weird symptoms for more than a month…


I was searching for a job, had one interview with a big international company, but somehow they chose someone else for the job. Oh well…

We also went to Constanta and experienced some serious coldness, snow and just a bit of winter.


They contacted me again and after few weeks of interviews, check ups and waiting… I got the job! I was going to start in May though, because of lots of paperwork, so I still had some time.


I don’t remember what happened in April… there was fasten period and then Easter…


We went on a long beautiful trip through Romania, right after the Easter. Visited Cluj, multiple monasteries, Brasov, Rasnov, Polish villages in Bucovina… I love road trips, this one was truly amazing!

And then right after we came home I started my new job. I was very nervous, but my team turned out to be great, everyone so friendly and helpful. First few weeks was just trainings and preparation for the role.


Still getting used to the new role, I was starting to actually work. I was learning all kids of English accents from all over the world. It was hard at the beginning to understand them, which made me very nervous.

We went to visit mud volcanoes in Buzau around my birthday, and it was another nice trip. 


My family came to visit us and take care of Rafael while I worked. First my mom and Amelia, and we took them to the seaside. 2 weeks later came my dad and we had mot party for our baby boy in the mountains. The place was so beautiful. Party was also nice, but Rafael had fever through almost the whole stay there, so…

I also met with girls from my team in the city! It was so nice to see them:)


We too my family to the mountains again. This time to see Transalpina Road, Salt Mine in Turda, Sighisoara.. We stayed outside Sighisoara in a house/cottage close to the forest, far away from civilization… in the middle of bear season. And we got few alerts that there were bears close by. That was definitely an interesting adventure.


We went to Constanta for one night. It was a nice weekend. Other than that we were planning trip to Belgium and Egypt, not sure if they would really come true.


We visited Bruges! We went to Belgium for a week, visited almost everyone, friends family, our parish, different towns, villages and of course our favorite Brugge. Before we left we started planning a trip to come back there next year in spring.


This month was about Rafael’s birthday and our trip to Egypt. Egypt was very nice, warm, interesting…. We spent some time at the beach, we had one trip to historical sights of Luxor, we went to Banana Island on Nile river… Rafael loved it and we as well.

And our boy turned 2, time flies so fast. I also stopped breastfeeding and it was painful and very emotional moment for me, luckily he took it well.


My family became bigger, since my sister gave birth to a baby boy. Sadly he got sick immediately after and got separated from mother and transported to another hospital, so for the rest of this year we were praying for him and my sister. December wasn’t the nicest month, even though it has Christmas in it… A lot of worry and bad news. But it’s over, and together with the ending also the news got better 🙂

Seems like it wasn’t completely uneventful year. I would even say that a lot has happened. Family got bigger (we’re still expecting one more new person to join in April 2022), we traveled a bit, I finally saw my family, we went to Brugge… Not bad.

Now we are hoping for a Greater New Year 2022!

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