Best of Maramures, probably – Spring road trip through Romania, day 3.

Maramures is known for amazing nature, long preserved traditions, many beautiful monasteries and typical architecture. During the two days we spent there I was awestruck multiple times and couldn’t believe my eyes. So much beauty! Let’s get to the bottom of it.

It was a rainy morning, and as it turned out, the whole day was gloomy and wet. So we were driving and driving, not much could be seen through the windows, but occasionally I could spot some cute villages and many many hills and mountains, hidden in the mist.

But driving from Cluj to Sapanta there is one pretty long piece of the road, that’s like natural roller coaster. DN 18 from Baia Sprie to Mara. Sadly enough I have no photos from there, but I had to keep myself steady in the chair!Β  Here is how it looks on the map.

Crazy drive

First big surprise was our stay in Sapanta. All made of wood, traditionally decorated and super cozy guest house. We stayed in two bedroom accommodation, with cool bathroom and view over the monastery. We loved it there. The food was also tasty and they had some delicious desserts!

After we checked in, we went straight to the Merry Cemetery. This graveyard is full of bright blue crosses, with short stories about lives of people that are buried there. Everything looks joyful, even the pictures above the stories are painted with many bright colors. It is amazing experience to walk through, if only I could unterstand what is written on those crosses…

Merry Cemetery
More of Merry Cemetery
Merry Cemetery church is also nicely colorful
Beautiful Church on Merry Cemetery
Cross in front of Merry Cemetery
Inside the Merry Cemetery church

We bought couple of funny magnets and some other souvenirs, to remember this great place. As if we could ever forget. Pff.

So beautiful!!!

Afterwards we headed to the Sapanta Peri Monastery, the one we could see from our windows in the hotel. Surrounded by forest and in complete silence, seemed to be so peaceful. Well, not completely complete silence, because there was the sound of rainfall and the birds singing. But it only made that place even more amazing. The wooden church there, typical for Maramures, is actually the tallest wooden church in the world, being 78 m tall. Made it to the Guinness Records Book.

Peri Monastery
Sapanta Peri Monastery
View from 3rd level of Peri Monastery Church
Sapanta Peri
Walk to the Sapanta Peri Monastery

Sapanta is absolutely worth the visit, worth all the hours of driving. And we will be back!

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