First time in Cluj-Napoca – Spring road trip through Romania, day 2

We had been on our spring road trip through Romania for 9 days. Each of them was special and consistent of new adventures. Here is the day number two. If you missed the day 1, you can find it here. Enjoy!

Neither me or my husband have ever been to Cluj-Napoca, so we were pretty excited. We heard nice things about this city and we really wanted to finally visit it, and so we had put it in our road trip plans. It took us around 5 hours of driving, but it was a beautiful ride.

On the road
Fagaras mountains
Rapeseed fields๐Ÿ˜

Every time we take this road I am in awe. And in the spring it looks so much better with fresh green color of leaves! Some turns on the road made it look like we were about to hit the green wall of forest grown mountain. So so very beautiful!

On the road
During a break ๐Ÿ˜Š

Around 4 in the afternoon we reached Cluj-Napoca and went straight to the Belvedere hotel. And it happened to be on the top of the hill with an amazing view over the whole city! Our room was also on the city view side, so we enjoyed it a lot. After quick check in and little breastfeeding, we went for a long walk around the old town of Cluj.

Church in Cluj
Eroilor Boulevard
Theater/Opera in Cluj
Eroilor Boulevard
Cute buildings of Cluj
Architecture in Cluj
Romantic street in Cluj
Cluj – Old Town
Old Town in Cluj

And I loved it. The architecture, the little streets, the spirit of the place. We walked down the Eroilor Street, ate dinner at Unirii Square, entered few churchesโ€ฆ one of which was very special. All the walls and ceilings were made of mosaics. The iconostasis, the icons of the saints, everything. It was very impressive and we thought it looks exquisite.

Orthodox Cathedral in Cluj
Inside the Transfiguration Church
Beautiful mosaic icons in Transfiguration Church
Iconostasis in Transfiguration Church
Mosaic portrait of Romanian Patriarch

Exhausted after climbing the hill, where the hotel was situated, we were ready to sleep. But when we noticed the view from our balcony, there was no way of going to sleep without shooting more photos. The view was absolutely amazing.

It was a great day. I hope we will come back to Cluj rather sooner than later.

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