Spring road trip through Romania – day 1

So as it turns out, I start my new job soon, and for this occasion, we decided to go on holiday. Since the pandemic is in full bloom, the easiest and safest type of vacation for us is a road trip. And let me tell you something with all honesty: Romania is awesome for road trips. There is so many beautiful places to visit, picturesque roads to drive on and the views, oh the views. So here we are – on our first day of the road trip through this beautiful country.

On the way to Horezu

First on our way is Bistrita Monastery close to Horezu in Valcea County. It’s only around 200 km from Bucharest, but driving took us around 5 hours (including driving through the capital city), because of baby on board, and curvy steep roads.

Bistrita Monastery

I’ve been there already, but it was 6 years ago and returning to that Monastery was a pleasure. Situated in the mountains, beautifully build and decorated, is definitely a place of serenity and obviously God worship.
Bistrita Monastery dates back to around 1490 and is named in the honor of Saint Grigorie Decapolitul, who’s relics can be found in the church.

Inside the church
Bistrita monastery gardens
Bistrita monastery tower

Our next stop was actually the pension we stayedย  for the night, close to Horezu. In the town itself, we found a beautiful gem: an old church with frescos and tiny wooden door, from 1800. It was closed but impressed us even from the outside.

Old church in Horezu
Small door of the church
Beautiful frescos

I love road trips in Romania. There is so much beauty in the nature of this country, small villages on the hills and in the valleys, churches – small and bigger ones – spread everywhere. Can’t wait for the next day! Stay tuned for the rest of our adventure!

Ps. All the photos are made by me, unless specified otherwise.

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