Leaving Maramures, heading to Bucovina – Spring road trip through Romania, day 4

How happy I was when I woke up and saw the blue sky and sun rays coming through the curtains!  I could finally really see and enjoy the villages of Maramures, the hills, mountains and architecture. And the road was long, but oh so beautiful!

Mountain view
Towards the mountains

Look at the traditional gates of Maramures! Aren’t they a piece of art?

Beautiful gate of Maramures
Gate at Barsana Monastery
Typical Maramures gate
Beautifully decorated house behind typical Maramures gate
Sign on the side of the road

First stop was Barsana Monastery. Situated on a hill, with beautiful church and surroundings, is a must see. Some people say it’s even more beautiful than Sapanta Peri Monastery, but I am conflicted. They are very similar and yet it felt very different. Sunny weather made some people come and visit Barsana, while there was no one in Sapanta Peri due to rain. I can’t decide. Just look at the photos of Bârsana Monastery and see for yourself, which one of the monasteries you like more.

Bârsana Monastery church
Bârsana Monastery church front view
Bârsana Monastery buildings
Bârsana Monastery
Our boy at Barsana Monastery
Bârsana Monastery upper church
Bârsana Monastery upper church ceiling
Bârsana Monastery lower church

The road went up, and soon enough we found ourselves on a mountain road, with countless turns and breathtaking views. For your information it was DN 18, Pasar Borsa-Prislop. The green of the trees and the white of the snow on the top of the mountains… The nature at its best! I spammed my Instagram with stories from the road, you can see it in the highlights from the road trip. The photos and videos don’t give justice to the beauty of that place.

DN18 views
Happy family on the road trip
Snow in the mountains
Borsa-Prislop passage
Monastery in top of the Borsa-Prislop passage
DN18 : Borsa-Prislop passage

Bucovina is absolutely beautiful as well. The roads keep going between the hills, picturesque villages, and along the rivers. Our dastination, Gura Humorului (Humor’s Mouth xD) was a small town, a great starting point for our further escapades.

Right after we checked into the hotel, we drove 5 more km to The Voronet Monastery. Known for it unique color of blue, which can be seen on icons and frescos all over the church, is a part of UNESCO Heritage. Voronet Monastery is also being called The Sistine Chapel of the East. Fun fact is, it was build in 3 months and 3 weeks in 16th century and stands there for ages already, while we can’t build a small house in this amount of time, that would stand for centuries.

Voronet Monastery
The famous Voronet blue
Beautiful frescos on the walls of Voronet church
Judgment day
This wall’s painting is fading away 😦

It is a place, one wants to come back to, over and over again. But on our next day we had other beautiful monasteries to see and they were just as impressive. More about that in the next blog post, stay tuned!

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