Our babymoon in France! Travel diary – day 2 – Honfleur, Trouville-sur-mer, Villers-sur-mer, Beaumont-en-Auge, Cormeilles

It’s been some time since I wrote the last post about out babymoon in Normandy. I mean I was pregnant durin\ng that holidays, now my baby boy is almost 7 months old. I figured I should probably finish this little series of entries about that trip, especially since I made all those notes and kept the maps 😉 Here you can read the first post about our road to France and beautiful views in Etretat.


So… Welcome to the beautiful and surprising Upper Normandy! The second day of our stay in France was full of driving, amazing atmosphere and wonderful views.

After very delicious and nutritious breakfast, armed with a map and good mood, we went on a mission to discover the most beautiful places in Upper Normandy.

First town we hit was Honfleur. I had high expectations about this one and was not disappointed. It was extremely charming with its colorful Normandy style buildings, small boat port, narrow streets and kinda cloudy, mysterious atmosphere. We walked there for a couple of hours and made some photos, enjoyed it a lot to be honest. There was a beautiful wooden church, a carousel, lots of bars that serve delicious apple cider – the signature drink in Normandy – and of course restaurants serving all kinds of pancakes.

Boat port in Honfleur
Cute carousel in Honfleur


Leaving towards the Trouville-sur-mer we stopped on a hill with an amazing view over the town. It was stunning, seeing all the houses, the port and the river from above.

View over Honfleur

Trouville-sur-mer is a beach town. Pretty big, with casino on the shore, bigger port, lots and lots of shops and cafe’s. It looked very commercial to us, it was full of people and even though it had its charm, we liked other towns we visited that day more. But we did drink some apple cider in one of the cafe’s there. Delicious!

Casino in Trouville-sur-mer

We only drove through Villers-sur-mer, but this town has a nice vibe. The road goes along the shore, we were separated from the sea by the houses that had a private entrance straight to the beach. Lucky people who live there 🙂 Way nicer in our opinion than Trouville-sur-mer.

Next stop was in Beaumont-en-Auge, a picturesque village with a view point over the Normandy fields and valleys. There was a beautiful church, cute Normandy style houses everywhere you looked, a shop, a cafe and almost no people to be seen. The atmosphere was idyllic almost. Great stop on a road trip through Normandy.

Normandy style, beautiful houses


Last town we visited that day was Cormeilles. We chose it as a dinner destination, which was risky, because there were only a couple of restaurants there and all were closed. We wandered around the town a bit waiting for this one restaurant to be open, we even found a machine that looked like ATM, but instead of money you get pizza! We climbed a small hill to visit the church on top and made some photos of the old traditional houses everywhere.

Pizza ATM

After our dinner we went back to our Normandy villa for some apple juice and cider before we went to sleep. It was a beautiful day. The roads between towns and villages were also impressing, they went through forests, they were full of serpentine turns, with stunning views over the hills, valleys, orchards and fields. We enjoyed driving there a lot and couldn’t wait for the next day to discover more of that part of France!

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