Farewell to the life in Bruges

So it happens. We’ll be leaving Belgium next week. I am moving out of Bruges, my favorite city. Moving 2500 km away, and even further from my Polish home than I was already. Hoping that it’s gonna be a good new adventure in life.


When we made that decision about a year ago I thought I had so much time to get used to the idea, but apparently I was wrong. Being only days away from the departure, I went through all kinds of emotions. There are days that I feel like in denial, like it’s not really happening. Some days I feel afraid. Some days I feel like it’s gonna be fine. Some days I am just very sad.

It’s time to say goodbye to the city I love with my whole heart. Where all best moments of my life happened. Where I met the love of my life. Where we got married. Where we got our first child. Where we made our first home. Where I am happy. Now it’s time to find happiness in other place.

Goodbye to the beautiful medieval town, the narrow streets, the old buildings, the lovely atmosphere.

Goodbye to dozens of bridges over the canals, to the parks, to the swans being so glorious as they are.

Goodbye to the calm mornings being woken up by birds singing their serenades.

Goodbye to being close to everything. Being able to reach every place you needed in 15 min. On bike.

Goodbye belgian chocolate and beer, delicious stew and waffles.

Canal view

But mostly the hardest goodbye there is, is to our friends that we made here. All those great people in our life, we must leave them behind and move the friendship to online mostly. It’s heartbreaking. I know we’ll make new friends, but those that you already have, they have the special place in your heart.

It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to them today. Tears were running down my cheeks, I felt pain in my chest. Those people welcomed me in their circle with open hearts. Now we must hope to visit at least once a year, so that we can meet them all again.

I think it’s harder for me to leave Bruges than it was to leave home, hometown. I miss them and all but… That was just a natural way of life: you grow up, you leave your parents and you go to the world. Here we built our own family, made our own home and now we have to leave it. This is not so natural anymore.

But, with a hope and God’s help it won’t be bad where we go. We’ll make new friends, build new home and install our happiness in a different device ๏˜‰

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