Our babymoon in France! Travel diary – day 1

Everyone knows what honeymoon is and most people go for this kind of vacation after they get married. It’s a second part of celebrating the fact, that we’re going to spend the rest of our life with the person we love the most in the whole universe. Only this time there is no other people like on the actual wedding day, just the two of you, to enjoy each others company.

Babymoon is another amazing time for the couple to enjoy the last vacation, when there is still only the two of them, enjoying only themselves, right before another person enters their family and everyday’s life. We all know that vacation with children will no longer be as relaxing as how they were when there was only two adults involved. So we thought of this for most of my pregnancy, but there was mostly no time or no money that we could spend for this occasion. Until one day we got this opportunity to spend a long weekend together in September, instead of my husband going back to his homeland to deal with some administrative issues. Since he already got the holidays and I was no longer working due to my third trimester, we decided to go for our babymoon!

First idea was to go to Italy, through Switzerland, passing those beautiful roads in the mountains. Soon enough we realized it’s too far and we would spend the whole time on the road. And while I love going places with the car, I need some other activities for the sake of my healthy pregnancy.

Next idea was The Black Forest in Germany, spending some time in spa and doing some walks in the forests. But most of the affordable places were fully booked already, and it still seemed far, 7-8 hours drive just to reach the destination.

Eventually we decided to go to France and visit the Upper Normandy. It was only 3-4 hours driving from home and the weather was supposed to be very nice upon our arrival and the whole stay. We couldn’t, know while planning, how perfect the location and this babymoon would be. And it was a dream!

Saturday after my husband came from work, we ate some brunch, packed our stuff and left the house for our vacation. Firstly we needed to buy 12 liters of milk to go to France with us. More about this on the day 4 of this travel journal. We hit the road to France, choosing the coastal highways to enjoy some nice views on the way. After we checked in in the typical Normandy mansion, where we stayed for all three nights, we decided to visit Etretat cliffs during the golden hour, for photos mostly. It was quite a hike, first uphill, then along the cliffs and then downhill in the darkness. But the view was so worth it! The sun was just going down, a bit hidden behind the clouds, the sea was beautifully blue and the cliffs were just breathtaking, with arches and their white colors. We were busy making some stunning photos until the night fell upon us, and it was time to go back down to the village. We ate our dinner in Etretat and went back to our XVIII century mansion to get some sleep before we could explorer more beautiful places in Normandy.

Stay tuned for the next part of our babymoon travel journal!

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