Vegan soup served in bread – recipe

Hello after a long break! Having a baby takes all my free time. But I come here today with delicious vegan soup, served in a special way. In the times of quarantine, disease and isolation, this high in calories dish is a definition of comfort food. And we all need it! Oh and it’s vegan, because we are in Big Lent period now, and as Orthodox, we try to follow the religious rules. Which make us vegan for more than 6 weeks. Anyway, here comes the recipe!

Fresh parsley
Thyme (fresh, binded together with parsley in a bunch)
Beans (can be canned, if fresh then put them in water for 24 hours at least)
Laurel leaf
Tomato sauce/tomato pure

Delicious veggies

The amount of ingredients must be accordingly to how you like and how much soup you want ๐Ÿ™‚

Make a soup. If you don’t know you have to wash and peel vegetables before usage, you better give up cooking and order pizza online ๐Ÿ˜‰
Ok, so… chop veggies, moisture with oil and condiment with a bit of salt and pepper, add laurel leaf, and steam them for 10-15 min with a cup of water in a covered pot.

…and let them steam…

Meanwhile you can either make or buy bread, rather small and definitely round. My husband made two small breads himself.

Fresh from the oven!

After 15 min add beans, thyme binded with parsley, pour enough water to cover all vegetables, cook until everything is soft. At the end add tomato pure, let it all boil again, condiment with salt and more pepper until you’re satisfied with the taste and the soup should be ready to be served! Oh and take out the thyme with parsley.

The soup

Now serving.
Cut the circle at top of the bread out, take the soft insides out of it, so that the only thing that’s left is the crusty outsides. Make sure it’s not too thin, like 0.5-1 cm maybe. Pour the soup inside, cover with the top of the bread you cut previously and enjoy!

Bread bowls with extra bread pieces
And done!
Bon apetit!

Photos and recipe by my husband โ™ฅ

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