Here comes my favorite season! Autumn rambling and atmospheric photos.


All seasons are beautiful and I like them all for different reasons. Winter means Christmas and if you’re lucky – magical snow; in spring everything is becoming beautiful and green; summer comes with vacations and it is my birthday season; but my favorite is autumn.

park benches

The colorful leaves on the trees, on the sidewalks, on the grass, pretty much everywhere. The atmosphere of everything slowing down a little. Existential thoughts in the head, a bit of sadness even, rethinking the almost passed year, making last changes, catching up with January’s resolutions. It gives me a nice cool down after hot summer, a moment to breathe, perfect occasion to wear sweaters and woolen socks. Each weeks is colder and yet the colors of autumn are warm, making this season pleasant. Plus there is Halloween and Thanksgiving – for those who celebrate those holidays. I don’t, but observing it is nice whatsoever. And the biggest thing this autumn: my baby is coming!

What can you do to make this season great, beautiful, magical, if you don’t really like it and think it’s depressive?


1. Go for a walk. Preferably on a sunny day, when the colors are extremely vibrant and it’s just such a pleasure to walk on dry leaves covering the pavement and grass. Collect some chestnuts, acorns and use them as your home decoration for the season. You could make a nice bouquet of yellow, orange and red leaves. Parks and forest are most recommended places to walk during autumn, for obvious reasons 😉


2. Read a book. Or multiple books. There is really a lot to choose from, even if you wanna stay in autumn based books. Or choose some horror-mystery books, since there’s Halloween coming. Stephen King is one of a kind. Then you just sit on your favorite chair/sofa, cover yourself with a fuzzy blanket and have a cup of warm autumn tea or coffee.

hot choco

3. Beverages! Autumn offers you amazing pumpkin spice lattes, hot chocolates, apple/cinnamon teas. I love them all. With a hint of caramel. I love those from Pickwick, like “Autumn storm”, “Caramelized pear” or “Turkish apple”.


4. Apples are the most autumnal fruits, just like pumpkin is a typical fall vegetable. Both can be widely used for cooking and baking. Apple cinnamon rolls, caramel apples, apple pies, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie or stew… pick up something delicious and have fun in the kitchen. And then make your stomach happy 🙂


5. Go for vacation! Lots of companies make fall holidays cheaper, because it’s after the actual vacation season. Caribbean Islands are warm whole year round. If you live in Europe and can’t travel fast, go to Cyprus or Malta. IT’s still warm there in October.

apple pie

6. Take a long bath, using some aroma oil or bath salt. Lit candles around the bathroom, turn some nice music on and relax. You can combine it with book, apples and hot chocolate. Unless you prefer some wine.


7. Decorate your home with autumnal essentials. Colorful leaves in a vase, smelly candles (pumpkin spice, caramel, apples, vanilla, etc.), carved pumpkins, ceramic autumn decorations, warm lights hanging around. IF you have a fire place, half of the job is already done 😉


8. Watch movies/series or play some table games with friends and family. The evenings are getting longer, there are new seasons starting on Netflix or other websites/tv stations. I am waiting for “Young Sheldon”, “Million little things” and few others to start at the end of September.

candles reading

I just look at those photos and think of all those things about autumn and there is a word that could describe it quite nicely: cozy. Autumn is cozy. Warm, even if it’s getting colder, wrapped in a blanket, lightened by candles and it tastes like apples and cinnamon. It is cozy. Enjoy it!

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