Second trimester of my pregnancy


I am in seventh month of pregnancy, growing big very fast and entering the last three months of baby baking. They say the second trimester is the easiest on a woman. The morning sickness is gone, the energy kicks in and it’s like a honeymoon phase of pregnancy. I can’t completely agree or disagree with these statements, and here is why.

I felt sick and nauseous until the end of fourth month of being pregnant. Luckily enough I didn’t throw up, thank God. I am also glad that no heartburn happens to me; I heard a lot of women get it and it’s making their life harder. So far I am good. Although I feel full after a meal for a long time, I assume it’s because the growing baby moves my stomach, bowels and everything inside me up into my chest, so there is not much space for the amount of food I used to normally eat. Being in food topic, I don’t have any cravings or aversions. At least I don’t notice anything unusual.

The energy kick didn’t happen to me or I stupidly missed it. But I have typical physical job and day after day I felt less and less energy to do it. It was getting harder and harder to do my daily routine, with growing belly constantly being on my way, summer hot weather making me sweat a lot and lose my breath way too fast. I also had a lot of sleepless nights, so there was really no way for me to gain any energy at all. It became not possible for me to continue on, so at the end of sixth month I spoke with my supervisor at work and she made appointment with the so-called work doctor, so I could get a paper for stopping my work before the time stated in Belgian law. Now I am home and I can focus more on this amazing journey, as well as getting ready for the baby, preparing the baby room and all needed things and gadgets.

But the second trimester gave me some of the most amazing butterflies in stomach feeling. This time there were no bugs there, just my tiny baby’s hands and legs kicking and the little body making turns and jumps. Feeling the baby inside of me is one of the most beautiful feelings and sensations. It makes the whole process of producing a baby much more real.

Baby is growing very fast and makes my belly grow fast as well, but so far I have no lines on any part of my body. I know there is a chance of them showing up any time now, because my mom and my sister both have those kind of signs of previous pregnancies, but I still hope I can just get through without them until the end. I am using oil and body balms on my belly, tights, breasts and butt, hoping it can lower the chance of the lines showing up. We’ll see. It won’t be a tragedy if they show up though. Just a sign of a hard work my body does to make this baby and bring it to the world 🙂

I think the second trimester was very good on me, I felt mostly good and there were no complication. The baby and me are healthy, scoring 10/10 on each doctor visit. Now entering the last trimester I think the road will get more bumpy. Baby kicks are getting stronger and won’t let me sleep at night at some point. I will get really heavy and clumsy with my new sized up body, I will probably be tired more often. But, lets wait and see, so far the pregnancy was merciful on me 🙂

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