Then…there were three.

I’m coming today on my blog to share our big news. Something that makes us very happy and excited. It’s actually very obvious if you look at the title and the photo. There will be three of us in November! I am 17 weeks pregnant and slowly growing bigger.

My pregnancy is actually one of the reasons why I was away for a while. I just couldn’t say it immediately, I waited for the right time. So I was gone from the blog for a while and even now I am not very active… I am getting tired very fast, after work I only want to rest, I get to bed quite early. And it’s only one of the pregnancy symptoms. I will surely write more about them in the future.

The baby and me are very well. I less, since I have all the symptoms, but I still enjoy the pregnancy time. I know it will be gone fast. So I cherish each moment of it. The baby grows nicely, being more than 15 cm big and 200 grams heavy already. And we won’t know if it’s a boy or girl until I give birth. We want a surprise! Still it’s very possible I will refer to the baby as “him”, because my husband is pretty sure it’s a boy and we just kept calling him a “he”.

Oh, speaking of my husband, he is overjoyed. And extremely sweet towards me and my belly. He takes care of me, goes with me to monthly checks, caresses the belly, speaks to the baby.. he even has an app on his phone that tells him, how far pregnant he is and what are the news of each pregnancy week!

This whole new thing in our life is gonna also make some changes on the blog. There will be posts about pregnancy, possibly also about the child after it’s birth. If I’ll even have time for writing then. Because you never know. Anyway, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for the next news!

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