My first trimester of pregnancy – overview :)

Foto by @marinacgabriel (check on instagram)

The first three months of being pregnant aren’t the easiest. The body of woman has to reprogram itself very fast to support a new life growing inside her. That means a storm of hormones, extreme tiredness, mood swings. What have I experience during that time? How did I manage?

I am in the begin of a comfortable 5th month of pregnancy. Or so it must be according to all apps and websites out there. When I found out I carry a baby inside my belly, I was in my 5th week only, so the terrible symptoms didn’t hit me then yet. It all started from the sixth week. I started to feel sick, I wasn’t enjoying food at all, I felt extremely tired. One good thing – my breast grew one size bigger. But even that wasn’t fully great, because it became very sensitive. Plus my face looks worse than when I was a teenager, it’s decorated with pimps here and there…

I was the lucky one to not throw up, but whoever called pregnancy nausea “a morning sickness”, was probably sick on the brain. I felt sick the whole day, also during the night. Oh and there was also waking up every 2-3 hours to pee, because apparently the tiny baby was using my bladder as a pillow.

I survived all this quite ok. And I am still surviving, because apparently I am the exception from the rule and even though I am starting the 5th month of pregnancy now I still feel sick. I still go to the toilet more often at night. My mood is weird sometimes. Like I would just get angry suddenly or want to cry. So the fun still goes on.

But there is this beautiful part of it, the tiny little heart that’s growing in me, that beats strongly and moves vigorously, that kicks so strong I can feel it sometimes if I sit calm and focus. That tiny human that already stole our hearts and rules our world. And that made everyone happy. All the symptoms are less important if you know that they are a sign of a healthy, thriving pregnancy.

I am hoping for the best and expect nothing less ๐Ÿ™‚

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