I am back!

After two months of silence here on my blog I am back and I will stay a while. I have ideas for posts, some of them already written or started, some still in my head evolving slowly and becoming ready to be put into words. So here I am and here I go again.

Why was I away? The timing was not best. I was tired and sick all the time, we had decisions to make, rather hard ones, we had plans that had to be made and strategies for the future. Did I mention I was sick?

All this rather hard and changing times I was feeling a bit weird and out of place, a bit worried, but also happy and excited about what future would bring. Still, I must say that changes are pretty scary. That the life won’t look the same anymore, won’t be that comfortable, chilled and relaxed. Maybe that’s why making all those plans and decisions was so hard… once it’s decided quite a big move is going to happen.

Anyway enough of the rambling. I’m back and planning to stay a while ๐Ÿ™‚

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