I haven’t been here since so long ago, that I don’t even know when was the last time I wrote something for my blog. I assume a little explanation would be nice, since I respect my readers and followers. Each and single one of you.

I have been sick the past few weeks. Just a little cold and it messed with my everyday life. It’s been around four weeks now and I am exhausted by it. All started with a sore throat, lost voice and a bit of dry cough. And it pretty much stayed like this the whole time. Was annoying enough to keep me home for the first week, but not strong enough for the doctor to give me any serious meds. Viruses should be simply fought naturally and with your own immune system. Mine must suck, because I am still slightly sick. Dammit.

So this whole spring cold made me extremely tired and all I can think about after work is sleep or just chill on the sofa. Which I actually do. The other thing is this fasten period when we have quite a lot services at church and other responsibilities, that take our free time. Not to mention the amount of series we watch on daily basis, even those that we didn’t like at the beginning (like “The Neighbourhood”).

So this is it. I would like to promise that I will be back with some good, insightful texts very soon, but I don’t wanna lie. We will see what the future brings ๐Ÿ™‚ Adios amigos for now and have a great Easter!

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