What am I grateful for – part 3. //Gratitude February

I am so grateful to be alive! Now, that I said it, lets go further with my little challenge.

9. Which accomplishments in your life are you most grateful for?

I finished studies despite not really feeling the field as mine. But also I moved abroad and managed to live on my own even. I know it’s possible.

10. Who are you grateful for today? First 5 people that come to your mind.

My husband, my mom, my dad, my sister, oh and Jesus of course.

11. What is different today than a year ago, that you’re grateful for?

I am married to the most amazing guy. I am also grateful for being an aunt for the second time. And for actually doing something to get my driving license.

12. What are you grateful for in a current season?

Winter… well, snow, because it makes cold weather bearable. It makes everything beautiful, calm, white. Also it happens that we have Christmas during winter, so yay to that.


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