What am I grateful for – part 2. //Gratitude February


Good evening on this rainy Friday! I am very grateful that the weekend starts, especially because we are going to a hotel with spa, for some relaxation and chill. Sort of a weekend getaway. I need this after this mentally hard week

Past four days I also answered few questions from the list. Here are my thoughts for them:

5. What sound are you grateful for today?

The sound of the piano. I even tried to play, but sorry, no talent there.

6. What are you grateful for in your job?

People! They are really great. Make you change your opinion about Belgians even. And also I have free weekends, which is not so obvious here where I live. I also can ask for vacation whenever I want. As soon as it’s a week before I wanna leave. Well, I also have a great boss and the nicest supervisor ever.

7. What are you grateful for in the town you live in?

The beauty of it. The long history. The narrow streets. The atmosphere that hangs here. The Brugse Zot. The canals and boats riding on them. The towers of churches and cathedrals rising over the buildings. The taste of the chocolates from local shops. I am truly loving Bruges, don’t wanna live anywhere else.

8. What spiritual beliefs are you grateful for?

Orthodoxy. Especially these days I am grateful for believing in Heaven, life after death. This week showed me how much my belief can help going through a death of people close to me/my family. Knowing that they go to better place, where there’s no pain, no fear, no cancer…

Enjoy your weekend folks and be grateful!

1 Comment

  1. 5. my wife’s angelic voice
    6. the calm nights + a lot of free time during the day
    7.the medieval atmosphere
    8.Orthodoxy in general

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