What am I grateful for – part 4. //Gratitude February


It took me a little bit longer than I thought. We had a busy weekend, blog was the last thing on my mind. But here I come again with following gratefulness!

13. Name one thing that you are grateful for in nature and why?

Oh there is a lot, but I have to choose just one, so.. The sunsets. Because they bring color to our life. We can have orange sunsets, pink sunsets, red sunsets. There is often purple in it. They are so beautiful, you have to stop for at least a moment to just look.

14. Name three things/characteristics in your husband/wife that you are grateful for.

His sense of humor. His smartness. His love for me, obviously.

15. What technology are you grateful for?

Phones, computers, internet, cars, planes, all the medical technology that saves lives.

16. Name one talent/skill in yourself, that you are grateful for.


17. What small thing that you use daily are you grateful for?

Toothbrush! Keeps me away from the dentist (I go in two days, lol)

18. What moments this week are you most grateful for?

This week has just started. And it’s Monday, so what can I be grateful for… hmmm, my husband waiting for me at home and always enthusiastically welcoming me when I come back from work.


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