What am I grateful for – part 1. //Gratitude February

gabrielle-henderson-739125-unsplashI’m coming to you with first four answers from the list of gratefulness. I must say that the beginnings are quite hard, but once you get used to it, you kind of wait for the next days to come so you can answer some more questions:)

1. What smell are you grateful for today?

The smell of my husbands new beard oil. It reminds me of something pleasant and I just adore it!

2. Name one food/dish that you are grateful for?

Pasta! Spaghetti or penne or whatever else, just pasta. It’s delicious, it fills my belly nicely, it gives energy.

3. What memory from childhood are you grateful for?

Playing school or shop or secretaries with my sister. Also playing friends, who would have kids (baby dolls in these roles). So in general, I am happy I have a sister I could play with when I was a kid ๐Ÿ™‚

4. What color are you most grateful for?

Blue. It’s my favorite one. Also if combined with all shades of sunset/sunrise colors, it wins my heart.

Alright, first four are done. Have you done yours?


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