Gratitude February – lets start again!

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

      I’m trying to write this post since Sunday or something, but it doesn’t seems to work. I have ideas and I know what to write about, but I am mostly too tired to even begin. Is it the winter that suddenly came to Belgium and makes everything so cold and sleepy? Or maybe I need more sleep since I started my new workout routine at the gym? It could be the combination of those two. When it’s cold my body needs more energy to warm itself, and then after physical job that I do, I use the rest of my energy at the gym, 4-5 times per week… Then in the evening I sit down and open the writing app only to keep reading something and falling asleep. I need more time… but stop with complaining! February comes and it is my month of gratitude!

      Last year I tried this idea of making February the month of gratitude. I posted few texts in this topic, like this or this, but at the end I am not satisfied about how it went. Truth is it was a busy month and I couldn’t fully concentrate on this, with civil wedding coming on the first day of next month and having guests at home. This year seems to be calmer. But I’m also coming with different idea.

      Everyday I’m going to write things I’m grateful for in my little journal I have for it. It’s going to be around 5 things I am grateful, each day, and I won’t share it here. I also prepared a list of 28 things to be grateful, that I will post here. And every answer I will give, I will share here on the blog, as my 28 days of gratitude challenge. Don’t worry, it won’t happen everyday, most probably after I collect 3-4 answers, I will make a short entry for this blog. This whole challenge should keep me away from complaining and make me focus on being grateful. Everyone is invited to join me! You need to answer all of those questions, one per day. It can be short or longer form of writing. Or you can use it just to think about each thing from the list, without putting it into words. Just answer it in your head and be grateful for it 🙂

      Here is the list:

1. What smell are you grateful for today?

2. Name one food/dish that you are grateful for?

3. What memory from childhood are you grateful for?

4. What color are you most grateful for?

5. What sound are you grateful for today?

6. What are you grateful for in your job?

7. What are you grateful for in the town you live in?

8. What spiritual beliefs are you grateful for?

9. Which accomplishments in your life are you most grateful for?

10. Who are you grateful for today? First 5 people that come to your mind.

11. What is different today than a year ago, that you’re grateful for?

12. What are you grateful for in a currents season?

13. Name one thing that you are grateful for in nature and why?

14. Name three things/characteristics in your husband/wife that you are grateful for.

15. What technology are you grateful for?

16. Name one talent/skill in yourself, that you are grateful for.

17. What small thing that you use daily are you grateful for?

18. What moments this week are you most grateful for?

19. Name three traditions that you are grateful for.

20. What song are you grateful for?

21. What about your body are you grateful for?

22. What holiday are you grateful for?

23. What place are you most grateful for?

24. Which day of the week are you most grateful for?

25. Which month of a year are you most grateful for?

26. What form of expression are you grateful for?

27. Which ice cream flavor are you most grateful for?

28. Name 5 things/people/moments of today that you’re most grateful for.


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