Beautiful, interesting, inspiring… #5


Hello everyone on this cold night of January! Have you seen the Red Full Moon last Monday? I missed it tragically, but I know it was beautiful. Just like snow that we are lucky to have here! Yes, it was snowing last two days, maybe not that much, but enough to cover everything with 10 cm of white fluffy blanket. Do you also feel so peaceful watching snowflakes falling down? When everything is so nicely white it makes the world seem so peaceful. I felt peaceful and joyful on my way to work, even though my bike got stuck in snow and sometimes I had to walk. There was no anger. Snow has this magical power, that calms me down, who else feels like it?


Ok, enough of this snowy mood, it’s all in process of melting as I write this, so…anyway, lets go to the interesting links I have for you today:

1. New Years Eve I spent in Paris. It’s so beautiful there, such a romantic city! The Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, Louvre, buildings, the atmosphere that’s there! But there is also sadder part of the capital of France. And you can see it here .

2. I have also something for Ancient Rome lovers! Did you know that they had running water at homes ages ago in Rome? Or a shopping mall? Or a post office? I know at least one person, who’d be interested to click on this link.

3. Things you didn’t know about the Internet. Or you did, but I didn’t and now I do. Interesting article on The Guardian .

4. This doesn’t concern me this year, sadly, but here are Top Holiday Destinations for 2019 . Inspire yourself, you have time to plan the trip of your life. Maybe to Transylvania? ๐Ÿ˜‰

5. Someone once told me that this song reminds them of me. It’s very beautiful, the romance of guitar and saxophone. Here being played live. ‘Lily was here‘, ladies and gentlemen!

6. A transparent tent, you could set pretty much everywhere and it’s so awesome! Imagine sleeping in it in the forest, on the beach, in the mountains…

7. So summer is coming, right? And I need new sandals, definitely. And since my obsession with flamingos isn’t over, these shoes seems to be perfect for me.

8. Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh? I remember reading it when I was a kid, then watching on tv on Sundays evenings at 7 pm. I loved the adventures, the friendship that was showed there, the silliness of the main character. Check out some great quotes from these books. They are way better than Paulo Coehlo ๐Ÿ˜‰

9. And at the end, if you also missed the beautiful eclipse of the Super Blood Wolf Moon, check out those amazing photos.

Until the next time folks!



  1. you must have really felt peaceful while peacefully walking on the peaceful white snow that gives you such a peaceful feeling

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