Hello 2019, and good luck! 2018 was awesome! Try to beat it now!

It was a New Years Eve few days ago, we were having a dinner at Italian restaurant in Paris, there were some cool fireworks in the distance, late night talks, drinks and midnight kisses above plastic cups full of champaign in our hands. I really have to give the last year a shout out, because it was so good, that the future years may have problems becoming better than 2018. So instead of doing some stupid New Years resolutions, that noone really keeps, I will do a summary of the old year. Lets get started!

January welcomed us in Luxembourg, where we spend the previous New Years Eve. While the city is beautiful and worth a visit, don’t go on 31st December… they really don’t know how to party there… The rest of the month was filled with collecting papers for making our civil wedding possible.

February brought us hope for getting legally married on time for me to get my name and documents done. We got a visit from Romania as well. I tried to focus on being grateful and say thanks more often.

March started with our first wedding, the one for the law. We signed the marriage papers in beautiful Bruges’ city hall on 1st of March, ate brunch with few closest people and enjoyed this month a lot. I also had a chance to go for the first time to Belfort Tower and climb all the stairs up to check the view from the top. We got a tiny bit of snow so the slightly white rooftops were cool, but the weather sucked and we didn’t have the best view. Must try again on a nice clear weather. Oh! And my husband took me surprisingly to 30STM show in Manchester!!!

April brought me a brand new nephew, Tymoteusz. Sweet, cute, little boy. I also applied for a new passport with a new name on it. Paperology battle isn’t done yet for me this year.

May took me to Poland, only for a weekend, but for a long one. Two family parties, evenings with parents and siblings, talking rumors, drinking beer and wine. I actually love my hometown. In May we also started our dancing class with Alex. I must say we had a lot of fun doing this, I would love to go to dancing classes regularly with my husband. Should it be our plan for 2019? I also got my new passport, so officially I changed my name to my husband’s name. So much easier!

June meant The Big Day โ€“ WEDDING. The most amazing day, the first look, the crowns on our heads, our tangled hands, kisses, dances. It couldn’t be better. Besides the wedding cake, but lets forget about it finally, really, lets just forget! Music was great, people were awesome, food delicious and I got stolen and taken to the centre of Bucharest. People say it’s the most beautiful day in your life. Well, it was ๐Ÿ™‚

July was full of beaches, snorkeling, adventures and swimming with the dolphins. We went to our honeymoon to Curacao, spend almost two weeks there, ate like crazy, even the iguanas, drank champaign for breakfast, got stung by jellyfishes, watched Croatia almost winning the World Cup. We visited most of the island, and yet we rested quite a bit. We will never go back there most probably, but I will always remember the paradise there.

August preparation for the second wedding party took over us. Dozens of emails had been sent, phone calls had been done, my dress had arrived and actually fits me okay… I still hadn’t decided about flowers or my hair, but didn’t I have time yet? I also was invited to go to The Gambia. What!?

September gave us Polish Wedding Party. I got to see most of my family and my great friends from times when I was a student. I was so happy to see them! Some of them all married and with kids, others still single but hoping for love. And Polish food on a wedding was extremely delicious. We also got some cool fireworks! And we also bought a land there, recreation/gardening land. Awesome. Oh and I also cut my hair, big time!

October was a big surprise, since I went to The Gambia with my friends, without my newly wedded husband. Africa surprised me, made me wanna go back again and see more, experience more. I mean, the monkeys at the hotel garden? Dozens of vultures gathering for lunch at the hotel’s lawn? Baby horse running on the beach?

November brought us another short trip to Romania. We went to celebrate my husband’s mother’s birthday, chill in a hot baths outside, eat some traditional Romanian food and get surrounded by mountains. It was good, but short. We didn’t go to Bucharest this time, but I wrote a post about my top 7 things to see in that city.

December just finished and it was quite great. We had some guests right after Christmas, so we weren’t alone in the time when family counts the most. We visited Paris, Brussels, went to more museums in few days than I visited in 10 years, I dyes my hair pink, we missed the fireworks in Paris, standing at the Eiffel Tower instead of Champs Elysees… Actually it was a good month to finish a great year.

And now standing at the beginning of this new 2019 I am full of hope, for it to be a good one. Like 2018 was a year of weddings, changes and travels, this one seems to going to be full of decisions, changes and surprises.

God bless us all and give us strength for whatever may happen. Will I plan moving to other country the same time next year? Will I look like a ball? Will I finally be able to drive a car and do it legally? Will I finally get to see awesome fireworks next New Years Eve? I bet the time will fly like always and we’ll find out soon enough. Too soon, to be precise.

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