The ultimate cheesecake

Christmas time goes on. Table is still full of food, meat, fish, meat, vegetables, meat, desserts, meat… at our home meat dishes are most popular, I must agree. But we also have different types of cakes to eat after meals, with a latte macchiato, tea or other cappuccino. My definite number 1 is cheesecake.

When I was a kid my mom made the ultimate cheesecake each Christmas and also each Easter. The moment I moved abroad I had to take care of this by myself. After research and combining of few recipes I found my favorite, which I want to share with you.


* 750 g fat cottage cheese (or semi-fat)
* 1 cup milk (more than 3 % fat)
* 1/2 cup of heavy cream (30% fat or more)
* 50 g of butter
* 3 (big) tablespoons cornstarch/potato flower (I used vanilla pudding powder)
* 6 eggs, (separate yellow from white part)
* 3/4 cup sugar
* 1 package vanilla sugar (around 16 g) or vanilla extract to taste
* biscuits if you want for bottom
All ingredients should be at room temperature.

Crumbled cookies at the bottom of the form


Heat the oven up to 160Β°C. Cottage cheese mix to a smooth paste with butter, eggs (yellow part) , sugar, potato flour(or vanilla pudding powder), cream, vanilla sugar/aroma. Add the milk and mix (mass will be very liquid). Do not mix for too long, so you do not aerate the whole stuff – aerated cheesecake grows strongly and then falls.

Beat the whites to stiff peaks and gently using with wooden spoon with the rest of the mass.

Round cake form with a diameter of 24 cm seal well and put baking paper in the bottom. Pour the cheesecake (for me, it reached almost to the height of the form). At the bottom I put also some biscuits. You could either just put whole biscuits or make crumbles and cover the bottom with them. You could as well forget the biscuits πŸ˜‰

Bake for about 75 – 90 minutes without convection. Cheesecake grow over the form, then gently falls. Ready cheesecake should be golden/brownish, beheaded and elastic on top. Cool down in the oven (you can leave the oven little open), then cool in a refrigerator for about 12 hours. You can put chocolate, fruits, whatever you wish on top, I smeared Bounty cream, which was a bad idea πŸ™‚ Just see how it looks like :))

Time: 10 min preparation + 75-90 min in the oven + 12 hours chilling.
Kcal: 0 πŸ˜‰ seriously I have no idea, but also who cares when it tastes so good.

It is delicious! Soft, delicate, airy, sweet, but not exaggerated. I am in heaven eating it. What about you?

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