Weekly inspiration #24


What I see around me, would drive me insane, if I did not know, that no matter what happens, God will have the last word”.

– St. Paisios the Athonite

This gives hope.

Look around yourself, read a bit of news, listen to the radio. Find out who’s at war now, and what are they fighting for. Check where was the last terrorist attack. It’s getting closer and closer to you. Look what people focus on. What’s on tv. Commercials after commercials along with zero value content. Kids wanting to be more and more mature way too soon, while they’re way more childish than their age would suggest. We’re busy with wrong stuff, running after money, working longer and harder for the better future, while you live in the present and you’re losing it constantly. And then again a bomb, shooting at school, earthquake, an idiot trying to take over the world. We eat badly, we destroy our planet, kill others, abuse, neglect. Alcohol, drugs and pornography. All for the wrong reasons.

Sometimes I just want to sleep through it all and wake up when it all calms down. And the fear is born: would I have to sleep until the end of the world? Would that even be long?

But in the end, God will have the last word.

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