Feeling sad? Bad mood? Bad day? 20 things that would bring your smile back :)

We all get sad sometimes. Either something unpleasant happens or it’s just a bad weather that influences us, everyone has a bad day sometimes. The cold season now doesn’t make it any easier for us, it’s dark earlier, cold, windy, rainy… But we can help our mood to come back to normal and a smile to show up on our faces. Here I bring you some ideas for lifting up your mood a little. (Note: it’s for a temporary bad mood, sadness. If you struggle with depression, seek for professional help, because my advice my not work on you.)


1. Chocolate. Chocolate cake, hot chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, Belgian pralines, Nutella eaten with a spoon straight from the jar. It deserves number one! I mean, who doesn’t want chocolate in sad times? I want it even in happy times. I want it all the time ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Go for a walk. If the weather is good. Just walk to your favorite places, or visit new ones. Get lost in your own town, wander around without thinking about destination. Go to a park, breathe in some fresh air. Refresh your mind and get a new perspective.

3. Drink a good coffee or tea. Either at home, or even better, go to a cafรฉ. Sit in a cozy corner and just enjoy the delightful doze of caffeine pouring through your lips, into your body.

4. Sweets. Chocolate is not sweet, chocolate is chocolate. But there are other sweet food that we may love eating. Cookies? Candies? Anyone?

5. Watch a movie. The kind that lifts your mood up. Romantic comedy? Go for it. Comedy? Even better, you’ll laugh for sure. It’s also fine if you prefer a horror movie or some half documentary about Roman Empire ๐Ÿ˜‰ Whatever you enjoy!

6. Cry. Sometimes it helps. I read somewhere that it’s therapeutic as well. Well, you may ass well try, you’re sad anyway.

7. Music. I think music is this amazing tool, that can fit in humans life at any given moment. Happy, sad, serious, sensual, playful. For summer, for winter, for Christmas Time. There are so many types, genres, so many melodies… There is a reason why there is always music in the background of movies. It just fits! Put your favorite music on, something uplifting, something that will lift your spirit up. I am listening now to Frank Sinatra and his Christmas songs. Yes, in November ๐Ÿ˜‰

8. Book. Reading is like entering to another world, to the world of the book. No place for thinking about your bad mood there.

9. Talk to your friend. It’s important. I was sad today, spoke with my best friend and felt better immediately. Phone calls also work. Sms, messanger, facebook. Connect to other people and share your sadness.

10. Bath. With bubbles, colorful salt bombs, candles, radio, book, tea or whatever you prefer. It does wonders…

11. Ice cream. They somehow make everything better. Even if it’s cold outside, you sit covered by blanket at the fireplace. And if you combine them with a warm apple pie… poetic!

12. Get a hug. For me my husbands arms work the best, but you can get a hug from a friend, a parent, your child. Hugging is important and gives your body a shot of serotonine, and as we know it’s a hormone of well being and happiness. That’s exactly what we need!

13. Go for a ride! Get behind the wheel, put your favorite music on and just go. I heard it works wonders, I have no idea personally, still have no driver’s license.

14. Write it all down. Take a paper and pen, let the words flow from you and spill on a white surface. Works as much as talking to someone, especially if all you really need is someone to listen. The paper will, without judging and necessary comments. Writing has a therapeutic power: https://ggia.berkeley.edu/practice/expressive_writing#data-tab-how

15. Shopping. Somehow it’s a perfect way for women to get into a good mood. Doesn’t work for me too much, I don’t really like trying on clothes, shoes, choosing… But it really helps for most cases, so why don’t you try?

16. Sports! The healthiest way to put yourself into a great mood. Either go for a jog, do some fitness in the gym, join zumba class, or just use hula hop. Some happy hormones are going to flow through your body after you get physically tired.

17. Dancing. Go for a party, even if you’re not in a mood. Or just play some music at home and get up from your cozy sofa. Dance all the way from your living room to the bathroom, make pirouettes in your kitchen. Dancing is awesome!

18. Wine. I don’t use this option, but I totally get it. Glass of wine for sad evening.

19. Sleep. After you wake up, everything will be better. Or you’ll dream of solution.

20. Clean the house. It will make you busy, and also you’ll feel like you’re cleaning not only your home, but also yourself from bad feelings. Doesn’t work for me though, for obvious reason.

21. Visit a hairdresser or a beauty salon. Go for sauna or manicure. Massage also works. Just give your body some special treatment.

22. Be creative. Use your talents. Play instruments, paint, sing.

I know it’s all obvious, but people mostly don’t really think of ways to help them to get out of the bad mood. But it’s a good reminder that there are things in life, simple things, that can bring your smile back on your face. I tried few of those options today. I feel better, relaxed, I smile. I hope it helps you too.

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