Summer highlights and favorites!


      Summer is telling us farewell little later this year. We passed the middle of September and we still get up to 20 degrees, sun and pleasant warmth. But we can’t pretend that fall is not taking over. The days are shorter, I wake up now and see darkness outside, which I personally hate. Mornings are crispy and of course the trees are turning yellow and orange. It was a very special summer for us and we will remember it forever. Here are the highlights!

      1. We got married. For the second and third time. Lets say it was the summer of wedding parties where we were in the spotlight. Both weddings were amazing, both different from one another. The one in Romania was church wedding, and afterwards there was a party. Maybe it was more elegant, considering how our ballroom looked like, but we got carried away with dancing and we had so much fun! After wedding we took my family and showed them few beautiful places in Romania, they loved it! In Poland I felt more relaxed maybe, the amount of fun and dancing and eating and drinking was overwhelming. Two different parties at the beginning and at the end of summer, and we loved them both the same.


      2. Honeymoon to Curacao was more than we expected. Swimming with dolphins was the best we did there, but we also enjoyed our ATV tour, salsa nights, Willemstad. And of course the tropical beaches, that looked like from the pictures you see on instagram and wish you went there. It was a paradise for us. And made us want to travel even more!

      3. We bought some ground in Poland in my hometown, for gardening/recreation purposes. On the spot. We heard about it from my mom, she set up a meeting with the owner, we went to see it and made a deal on 10 minutes. We freaking own some land! We are going to have a little wooden house there, some table, fruit trees and strawberries. I can’t wait for barbeques that we will host there!


      4. I made instagram account. After all the years. I am clumsy beginner, but it doesn’t matter cause I do it for fun. It’s nice to discover new things.

      5. Nail repair polish from Orly saved my nails after hybrid manicure that I got for the weddings. I found it in the local cosmetics shop and didn’t even pay too much, less than 10€. It’s easy to use, you just have to put one layer of polish on your nails each day for a week. Then wash it all off and repeat for the next week. After two weeks my nails got back to the state from before wedding manicure, which was my goal. You could repeat the treatment after one week of break.


      6. Banana – hair food – mask from Fructis smells heavenly! But not the smell is the most important here. It makes my hair soft and shiny. And it’s completely vegan, contains no parabens or weird ingredients. Did I mention it makes my hair smell like bananas? I also had papaya version before and I am planning to buy another one. Honestly, because my nose love it, probably even more than my hair! I also loved Libello lipstick, that smells like peaches, gives a hint of a color and protects lips from UVA and UVB. From cosmetics I also fell in love with Aloe Vera products we bought in Curacao, but I will write more about them some other time 🙂

      7. “Stolen” by Lucy Christopher is a book that I just read for the fourth or fifth time. That’s jow much I like it. And it doesn’t matter that it’s young adult genre, I am still a young adult in my heart. The book is about a girl kidnapped from an airport and taken to Australian desert. The kidnapper doesn’t want to hurt her, he only wants her company, for live, on that desert. You have to read it to find out what happens there and if she’s able to escape. The book describes Stockholm syndrome in a fresh way. Also it’s written as a letter from the kidnapped girl to the kidnapper. Very interesting and I bet I will read it once more after some time 🙂


      8. It was very adventurous summer in general. I was for the first time on transatlantic flight, I swam with the dolphins, ate iguana soup (Eating Iguanas), got stung by few jellyfishes… it won’t be easy to beat it, but challenge accepted!

      Now I make space in my mind for autumn, which I also love. All the colors, the aura, long evenings. But today, still summery day with 22 degrees!

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