Making decisions – Weekly inspiration #22


“When you have to make a decision, do not trouble yourself with the thought of how to make the best decision, and thus end up constantly procrastinating. Make a decision and move on; then let God take care of the rest. Try to avoid being overly meticulous and scholastic about too many details, which will only confuse your mind. Do whatever you’re able to do with philotimo (selfless love) simplicity, and above all with great trust in God… When we place our hopes and our future in His hands… we ‘oblige’ God, in a manner of speaking, to help us.” – Saint Paisios (1924-1994)

I should print it, put it into a frame and hang on the wall at home. In a place I can not miss it and will have to read it everyday until I memorize it, until I remember about these words every time I have to make a decision.

I always had problems with making decisions. Still have. And it doesn’t matter if it’s something big, life changing, or just simply choosing shoes for myself or deciding whether I buy those pink sunglasses or not. And I am continuously postponing the choice making, as much as I can. Sadly enough sometimes I miss my chances, because I was too late with my decisions. That’s why I should just trust my intuition in a first moment, make a decision and then let it go. Let happen whatever has to happen. Have trust in plans that are made Up There for us.

After all there are no bad decisions. Right ones are success, wrong ones are experience ๐Ÿ™‚

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