Life update

Life is crazy lately. Unexpected trips, planned trips, collecting documents, organising, organising, organising… I neglected my blog I admit, but truth is I barely even get to see my fiancé. It’s literally 30 minutes to one hour per weekday. And in the weekends there are always things to do, people to meet, places to be.
Two weeks ago I went to Poland, to celebrate with my sisters two different events in one weekend. One of my sister received Holy Sacrament of Eucharist for the first time, and we had a dinner party on Saturday. The other sister baptised her new born son on Sunday. And another dinner party took place.
I loved being home, in this small town, where basically nothing happens, I could kind of take a breath before starting the hectic times of last weeks before the wedding. But I missed my fiancé/legal husband, because he couldn’t come with me. But it’s not like it was all rest and chilling. I helped preparing everything needed for those two big events. From setting tables, cleaning, to making my sister’s hair.
I got one moment of real rest though. I woke up in the Monday morning, the day I had to go back to Belgium, I went outside and sat on the bench on our terrace and looked at the beautiful view that we have there. The shiny lake in the valley, the forest on the other side. I heard chickens and cocks making morning noise in the distance. No cars passing, no people screaming, no building machines. Just peaceful silence disturbed by birds. One really peaceful moment I had in weeks.
And then June started. Last days before our wedding. Ordering bouquets, cake, buying suit, dealing with tables and people, and things things things. I want the day to come already so I can enjoy and be happy and have fun, instead of thinking of things to do, just finally having them all done. And while I enjoy this pre wedding heat and stress and nervousness, I think it shortened my life a few months :))
So that’s it, the little update of what happens in my life and stops me from writing here on regular basis. I would like to say I will write more often now, but who am I kidding. I may as well post another entry in the end of July, when I get home from the honeymoon.
Bye bye until then!

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