Weekly inspirations #19


I have the luck to have a big family. I am the oldest of 5 children, I have two sisters (26 and 10) and two brothers (20 and 17). My parents are still young, strong and healthy. One of my sister has two children already, so every time we get to meet all together it’s like a small party, lots of fun, laughter, talks, food and great time in general. Often guitars and singing involved. And Love.

It’s not like we are perfect, never make mistakes, never fight, or that everything was always easy for us, but through the hard times we grew stronger, we have experience that cannot be taken from us, and we respect all that’s given to us.

I know that we succeed as a family when people who get to meet us for the first time say they love spending time with us, they would love to have such a big (and loud and crazy and clumsy) family as mine.

So cherish your family, the time you spend with them, they will always be your safe place. Your home.

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