America by 30 Seconds To Mars

It’s been a long time since my last post, but let me tell you something, I was just plain lazy! No, truth is that organising a wedding from abroad is not a piece of cake. But we’re getting there.
It’s been also quite some time since I bought new 30STM album, like a month or something and maybe it’s time to say few words about it. I listened to those new songs for about 50 times already, I may have some opinion about them.
We waited like five years for this and when it finally came I bet it was a surprise – best case scenario, or disappointment – worst case scenario. I wasn’t surprised, I knew which direction the band is going; neither was I disappointed, because I didn’t have any expectations. Truth is, for years now the rock band that 30 Seconds To Mars used to be, went through a big metamorphosis, and became more pop/electro. For example, I’m not sure if there is any pure guitar sounds.
There are 12 songs on the album, the covers are rather disappointing,ย  very simple, just random words that describe America. They could do better. Jared is singing most of the songs, and here’s a big surprise: Shannon took over the microphone and we get to hear his vocal on one acoustic song. It blew my mind, I bet it had the same effect on everyone, and we really hope to hear more from him.
Of course there is lots of oh oh ohs and woooaah’s and uuuuuu’s, for people to sing along during concerts I guess, but we had it in previous albums as well. Lyrics are rather dark, kind of, a little sad maybe too, at some songs also catchy. Jared’s voice is strong and laud, besides maybe two songs, where he sings low and less screamingly.
What’s making me sad about this new Mars Era is that suddenly the guitarist, Tomo, disappeared. He started the tour with guys, then just vanished into thin air, without the band really saying why. Official website and social media gave us short ‘private reasons’ explanation to his absence, but when he started disappearing from the posters/photos that he was originally on, it made me think. Maybe it was time for him to leave the band. There is no real guitars on the new album after all.. It’s still very sad.
Back to the album, my subjective opinion about the songs looks like below.
1. Favorites:
Remedy – Shannon’s voice, and the song itself.. it would be my number one I think.
Rider – very emotional.
Dawn will rise – again very emotional, plus low voice of Jared gives it a special vibe.
2. Very good ones:
Dangerous night – I was planning to fit it somehow into my music on wedding, not sure yet how.
Rescue me – for the guitar at the beginning, sounds almost real.
Great wide open – sounds like a anthem, very Echelon-ish song.
Live like a dream – somehow joyful, plus it’s about dreams, also very Echelon-ish
3. Good fillers:
One track mind
Hail to the victor
Love is madness – nice duet.
4. Not my type
Walk on water
Monolith – pyres of Varanasi vol 2.0
Not bad album – to sum it up.. If I keep listening to it on repeat for a month now I must like it somehow. Or is it the fact that listening to 30STM makes me feel good in general?
And to finish this post, I’ll share some of my favorite lyrics:
“What a dangerous night to fall in love.”
“Heard it’s only 30 seconds ’til Mars
Then it take you even less just to get to my heart”
“Another night, another war
Another “what are we fighting for?”
Another lost to bitter pain”
“Tu dois changer avec le temps
Je dois changer ou mourir”
“Hey man, everywhere you roam
Your demons come and go
But at least you’re not alone”
“All of a sudden, in the sky there was a bright light
Wild and haunting
And every moment is a lifetime
One life, whose time?”
“There is a promise I’ve been making,
A price that I’ve been paying.
I loved you…”



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