Good News is coming!

It’s been long 40 days. Filled with prayer, fasten and good deeds. At least that’s how it should be. Being Orthodox, the Big Lent is rather a hard time. We turn vegan for this time, eating only vegetable and fruits, and whatever you can prepare out of those, we don’t touch meat or any food that would come from animals, and we’re only allowed to eat fish two times in this long period of time. But it’s not the essence of the fastening time. More importantly we go to church for beautiful masses, not only on Sundays but also Wednesdays or Fridays. It’s time for deep prayer and confession. It’s like this big cleaning you do during spring, only this time you cleanse your soul.

But now, this time is over and Good News is coming! The Resurrection!

The most important event, holiday, celebration of the year for all Christians. And again, Easter is not about chocolate eggs, big brunch with your family – although this one is important, or about eating a lamb. It’s about the essence of Christianity, the point when it all actually started. The Resurrection.

This year it happens one week after Catholic Easter, and most of the time it is like that, because Orthodox uses different calendar to settle the date yearly. So living in catholic country we don’t really get Easter holidays. Well we do, but on different time. Right after Sunday we go back to normal lives, but the good spirit of Resurrection stays and brightens our days.

To all my Orthodox readers, I wish you a blessed time, happy days spend with your family, in peace and love. Lots of hope for the future, health and well, appetite. There is a lot of food to eat on Sunday! Be happy and spread the world!

Christ is Risen! He is truly Risen!


Ps. Lack of posts this week was caused by the circle of sleep – work – church – sleep. I’m coming back soon!


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