How I left home to do shopping and ended up on 30 Seconds To Mars show in Manchester City

Last weekend was absolutely amazing! I got surprised beyond my imagination! Not only I was in England for the first time, but also I already gave up the idea of seeing my favorite band live this year. I must say here that my legal Husband is my favorite person on earth and I love him to the Moon and back and even more actually. He took me to a concert of a band, that wasn’t even his style. But, lets go back to Saturday morning, when it all started.


Every Saturday we go shopping. So when my Love came from work, I was ready to leave, packed big shopping bags and took my wallet, but then in the car I noticed that we’re driving choosing weird roads. When we left the city I really started asking what is going on, where are we going, and I was handled some papers. It was something like, ‘Welcome to the express trip to Manchester City, where you could do all kinds of different stuff, relax and enjoy. PS. Check under your seat’. I was sure it’s all a joke and we just go to Oostende for some reason, and then I checked under my seat and found tickets to concert.


It hit me very hard what was happening in that moment, I was going to see 30 Seconds To Mars that evening, in different country, in different time zone even! I couldn’t believe it, I wasn’t prepared for this, I didn’t pack anything, no clothes no nothing. And my excellent life companion told me he packed us both, booked a hotel, booked a train to go under the Canal La Manche, he grabbed mu cosmetics from the sink in bathroom (smartass knew what I use on daily basis because we spoke about it not long before we left the house), he even found my special concert tshirt and took it as well. I was shocked. But then again, I wouldn’t marry him if he wasn’t amazing.


I love being on road trips and this one was very special. We drove on the left side of the road most of the time, had to calculate what does it mean to go max 50 miles per hour (it’s 80 km/h), not to mention the train that took us under the sea. Interesting experience. So after some adventures on the road ๐Ÿ˜‰ we made it to our hotel in the suburbs of Manchester, dropped our luggage and left for the concert.


It was awesome. If you ever have a chance to go to 30STM show, you should go, only to experience the atmosphere. The crowd is crazy, also on the seats, where almost noone is sitting, but everyone is standing and dancing and jumping and screaming. Total madness, that I love to be a part of. And who cares that the singer couldn’t remember some lyrics, he still made the show. We got balloons, confetti, few people went on stage, there was also a proposal! All in less than two hours, accompanied by great dose of rock music. Oh now I want to go again!


After the show we went to sleep, because we were completely exhausted and we had to prepare to leave in the morning. We had to go back to Belgium. We chose different roads but didn’t pass by any impressive places, so we made the decision to come back to UK for a decent road trip. Well, I cannot wait.


So how was your weekend? Did anything exciting happened? Was it even close to my super special surprise trip to Manchester? By the way, we haven’t seen any of the town, just what was on the way to the arena, but hey, I said we’re coming back for a decent road trip; then we’ll do some sightseeing. Again big thanks to my legal Husband for this amazing weekend โค


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