Last days of 2017 – Luxembourg weekend!

Welcome in this New Year! May 2018 be better than the previous year, bring you all joy and health, and most of all be filled with love.
Now embrace yourself – this is gonna be a long read!
My beloved fiancé works with tiring schedule and barely gets weekends off. So when we found out that he would have 31 Dec and 1 Jan free, we decided to make a little weekend getaway. Without much thinking we chose Luxembourg, we bought train tickets (78€ for both of us back and forth) and booked a hotel. Only later we read that nothing really happens in the City of Luxembourg on New Year’s Eve.. but we tried to make the best of our little trip!
We left from Bruges Saturday, 30 Dec, around noon, you have a train to Luxembourg every hour mostly, you change trains in Brussels or Liege, and then go straight to your destination. Which welcomed us with little rain..
Our hotel was 5 minutes walk from train station; we checked in, my lovely Romanian needed an immediate nap and I just read a book… until we decided it’s time to explore city and find Italian restaurant to eat some good pizza. I love evening walks, but this time it was a little hard to enjoy, with the rain pouring down on us. Yet city lights and Christmas decorations were beautiful.
Despite wanting pizza we ended up in Greek restaurant called YAMAS, that served us octopus and traditional gyros, along with refreshing Mythos beer. All in very reasonable price. And there was also live music played by Greeks! The meal was followed by home-made cheesecake in our hotel room and a bit of Romanian champagne.
Next day was cloudy but without rain, so after breakfast we went to explore the city. We walked to centre first, then further to the Pfaffenthal Lift – tower with a view and elevator. I must mention here that Luxembourg is build on hills and you could be able to see at least three levels of the city. The highest one would be business district, the middle one is old town-city centre, the lowest one goes along the river, below all the big bridges and looks very picturesque.
On the way to the mentioned tower we noticed a beautiful building that I took as some palace. It turned to be a Retirement House.. well let me retire in such a palace!
When we finally reached the Pfaffenthal Lift we weren’t so amazed by it, until we actually entered and took a ride. The view, the experience, the smooth ride down (and up, because we also did that) was extraordinary. And free! The lift goes from 5:45 am till 1:00am, and it’s not overload or full of tourists waiting in a line. I highly recommend!
After a ride down we found ourselves in the lowest part of the city, which looked and felt like a village. It has a beautiful church, that happens to be Romanian Orthodox Church, little bridges above the river, narrow streets and almost no people in sight.


We used the lift again to go back up, cross the red bridge and find ourselves in the highest part of Luxembourg. Since it’s mostly business buildings, we immediately turned right and walked through a forest to reach another side of that little village in the lowest part of city. There is a remaining of a fort there, De Fort Niedergrünewald,  nice staircase to go down and another bridge over the river.


After all this walk we decided it’s time for our pizza. We climbed back up to the city centre and ended up in Pizza Hut. Say what you want, the food frozen or not… it was surely delicious and tasty and fulfilling at the moment.
After refreshing ourselves in the hotel we got out for drinks. It was New Year’s Eve after all. Three different drinks in three different bars later, we went to main square in centre of Luxembourg to do the countdown. We got us some churros and champagne and watched something that’s supposed to be fireworks :))
Walking today in the morning to our train we decided that it was a good getaway. We have seen beautiful places, got our drinks and some bubbles at midnight and welcomed a promising New Year with a kiss.
PS. Little extra for you guys: crazy musicians that performed on main square in Luxembourg 🙂

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