December favorites!

Christmas is over, we’re heading into New Year now, very important year of my life – hint: I’m getting married! But before we go on a New Years Eve Party I wanna share December favorites with you!

1. My own Christmas Tree. Decorated mainly in red and green balls, chains and other decorations. This year we got the most beautiful tree we ever had in our lives, very thick, juicy green, and it has so many branches! Sadly it doesn’t smell like I remember Christmas trees smelling when I was a kid, but I’m happy to have it home for all three weeks! I know it may seem not long, but hey, it’s not a fake one, that can stand even whole year round.


2. Winter tea from Pickwick. This brand has so many different delicious teas! This one taste like oranges and spices, very christmas-ish, kinda sweet. And smells absolutely beautifully!


3. ‘Driving home for Christmas’ – Chris Rea. There are carols that I love, but if it’s about radio songs, this one is my favorite. The melody combined with the voice of Chris Rea fits Christmas so well. Not to mention that since I live in Belgium, often times I dream about driving home for Christmas. It’s my favorite for years now and it will stay like this for a long time I guess.

4. Dates. I discovered this delicious snack this month in the bio-shop. I loved dates immediately. Raw, absolutely not processed, unsweetened, and they taste like caramel! It’s 100% natural and vegan, if anyone is interested.


5. Bolsius wax. We usually use candles at home, for the smell and also the warm light. But I decided to buy this baked apple scented wax and use it in chimney we bought some time ago. Somehow they smell more powerful than simple candles, and they last longer obviously. This is typical Christmas scent, but after the season is gone I will try other scents from Bolsius. I strongly recommend!

6. My beautiful suitcase covered in cute owls!!! I was talking about this particular suitcase for months. Santa must have overheard because I found it under my Christmas tree! Now I can go and travel 🙂



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