Old Year summary – New Year res… plans!

The first blog entry in the new year on every blog I read regularly is about New Year’s resolutions. Either advices what kind of resolutions to make, or telling the world why making any kind of resolutions sucks, or connecting the resolutions with the consequences of actions in previous year. I assume people have enough of this topic. Most of them give up whatever they promised to themselves around third week of January anyway, so the topic is only valid for few weeks. I will try to write something that will stay with me for this whole year.

How can I describe previous year with one word? Challenging. From one misfortune to another, combining together in the same time and at some point it felt like an avalanche, or going through free fall with a broken parachute. Only in the last moment you push the right button and you land safely. That’s pretty much how it felt. But we ended it with a style, it made us stronger. And it thought us how to repair the faucet in the shower and how necessary it is to actually do it as soon as it stops working properly…

But we had also beautiful moment. Travelling through our countries, seeing our families, meeting of our parents, and most importantly: me finding the Truth. There were new children born to our friends that gave us also joy. Vacations, good health, simple evenings spent in front of “House M.D.” We ruled most of wedding issues, those connected to parties at least. We bought a brand new car, that we enjoy a lot. Yes, we are thankful for that year.

Right now we are looking forward to this year’s plans. All the things that are about to happen, or that we wish for them to happen, will turn our lives upside down. Getting married, which involves three countries (excluding honeymoon), lots of planning, issues to solve and nerves to be wrecked. But we’re getting there! Flying outside the Europe for our honeymoon; well for now just coming back from the trip… But we are getting there! Seriously thinking and planning our little business. Changing my family name. Possibly changing job. Trying to connect two little cells. Cutting hair, getting even more love, giving even more love.

It’s going to be a beautiful year, life changing year. And I’m looking forward to it.


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