Weekly inspirations: Monday #2

Another week went by and here we have a new Monday. Weekends are for me the favorite part of a week, like, probably for most of people. You chill, you visit friends or family, you can sleep longer than during the week. Now that it’s over, it’s time to inspire you for this upcoming week. Mondays really don’t have to be terrible.

My favorite band, 30 Seconds To Mars, made this beautiful song ‘Alibi’, where I took this very inspiring lyrics from.

โ€œI fell apart but got back up againโ€

The world around you is going to take you down in many different ways, people, situations, work will push you to the edge of falling apart and often it will just happen. But the source of breakdown doesn’t have to be in the outside world, it may as well come from yourself, your own emotions, feelings, depressions, the demons you’re fighting with. The key is to always get up, and never stay lying on this bottom, never giving up. No matter how many times you find yourself in the cesspool of misery, always get out of there, every single time. It will not only make you stronger, all these experiences, they actually make you who you are.

Here is the whole song:


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