Mallorca through my eyes

Our vacation in Mallorca was more than a year ago, but I still vividly see in my head all the beauty this island has to offer. And it will forever have a special place in our memories as our Engagement Holidays. On the very first night of our trip my fiancรฉ proposed in a very romantic and unexpected way. I said yes and that’s how our trip through Mallorca started.


We stayed in Cala D’Or, beautiful town, not big, but perfect for us. We could travel to different places that weren’t far from our hotel and still not loose the whole day in the car. Besides that one day when we went for a road trip to the other side of the island, but more on that later.

Cala D’Or is a great place for tourists who want to rest at the beach, because you have a lot of beaches along the shore and each day you can chose something different. Also there are lots of good restaurants, cheaper and more expensive, where you could eat some delicious tapas and drink liters of sangria. Obviously you’ll find lots of shops with souvenirs, boutiques, or shops with local products. But what’s the most beautiful about this city is the picturesque bays with sandy beaches and turquoise waters. They are all next to each other, so you can spend morning in one and after lunch go to another, for example: Cala Serena, Cala D’Or, Cala Ferrera…



If you get tired of the town you can go to Natural Park Mondrago, which is only about 15 km far from the town of our stay. It’s a beautiful place, if you allow yourself to get a little lost and not really follow the path, you can discover little paradises…like this


Of course there are official beaches with bars and umbrellas, but we didn’t really stay there. On the way back to Cala D’Or there is a little port town, worth seeing, called Portopetro, and another one with very nice market, where you can buy local products – Santanyi.

Going in the direction of Porto Christo you will get to famous Dragon Caves. You’re going walk through the cave, go with a boat on an underground lake and also listen to live classical music concert. Beautiful experience.



There’s usually long queue to get there, but when you buy tickets take your time to explore the area before you get underground. You will find this…


Right next to Mallorca there is of course Menorca, but on the south you can find on a map another tiny island Cabrera. To get there you need to take a boat trip from Colonia de Sant Jordi, and then you just enjoy what the island has to offer. Which is a leftover of a castle, beaches perfect for snorkeling (and getting stung by jellyfish…), paths for a nice walks, places for picnics.




On a not such a sunny day we decided to take a road trip all the way north, to see some of the most beautiful mountain roads โ€“ Sa Calobra. Firstly we reached a monastery high in the clouds, walked around and then went further to see this…


The view was breathtaking, and at the end of this road you still don’t get to the end of awesomeness. There is a small passage in the cliff that will take you to canyon Torrent De Pareis. It’s so beautiful, you just have to go there and see it yourself, because I can’t find words to describe this place.


torrent de pareis.JPG


From there we took a spontaneous trip further to the east straight to Formentor. Another beautiful road, very narrow, with the abyss on one side or another. At the end of that road there is a lighthouse that you can of course visit, after you wait in a very long line of cars. Once you get into line it’s almost impossible to turn back, so we just did it before we got into this huge queue. The views were still beautiful.


Being in Mallorca you cannot miss La Palma. The capital city of the island has lots and lots to offer for tourists, younger and older. First of all there is a night life that will take you from one club to another. Then you have these shopping streets, for those who like something more than just souvenirs, and naturally good restaurants, hotels, and a big beach. My personal favorite though is The Cathedral of Santa Maria, more often named La Seu. Monumental from the outside, still huge from the inside, built in gothic style, there is nothing not to love. Maybe the queue to get there.. Still you should do this.


A lot of people would prefer to spend their holidays in Palma, but I’m happy we didn’t. We rested more being in smaller town, we have seen big part of the island and the beaches we had just few minutes from our hotel were thousand times more beautiful than the beach in Palma.

What can I say more? I hope we’ll go back there. We still have some unfinished business there ๐Ÿ˜‰

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