November Favorites!

I’ve seen this happening on blogs and vlogs so often, that I thought people might like reading about it. I’m talking about favorites of the month. Sharing your personal likes with others may inspire them to try those things, introduce them to their life or just simply interest them. So here I come with my November Favorites!

1. Autumn Storm Tea from Pickwick

Amazing combination of apple and cinnamon, what else do you need on long autumn evenings? Or maybe better late rainy afternoons, because it’s a black tea, it may keep you awake unnecessarily long at night. One word: delicious


2. Song: Reggeaton Lento by CNCO and Little Mix

I was introduced to this song at Zumba class, and got addicted pretty fast. It’s pop and latino and dancing to this is such a pleasure! Try it out!

3. Raputation

Let’s stay for a little longer in music theme. New album of Taylor Swift came three years after the previous one and sounds different. Fresh I would say. I have it on repeat on my phone and listen to it on my way to work and back, over and over again. Still didn’t get bored after two weeks, so I assume it will stay with me a little longer.

4. Yves Rocher Hand Cream – Marvellous Berries

The smell! Of course it’s nourishing, moisturizing and making hands soft, but I must say I re-bought it for the smell mostly. It’s Christmas-ish, but fresh, the main scent of cranberries is mixed with orange and mint, making it so delicious! I have one in living room, one in everyday handbag, one in work bag. And I think I will make some extra stock for upcoming …spring πŸ™‚

5. Zovember by Zoey Arielle

Zoey is a vloger that I got to know about two months ago, immediately watched all her videos and subscribed. I’m going to tell you more about her some other time, but just shortly: she has very inspiring content. Through the whole month of November she posted a video, each day of the week had a theme – for example: Travel Thursday, Law Of Attraction Tuesday. Highly inspiring and interesting. Sadly enough November is over…

I think that would be all. Let me know if you like/know any of my favorites! And I’ll see you again at the end of December.

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