Begin again

Hello again!

I’m back! After two years I decided to reactivate this blog. I changed it a little, removed some unnecessary content and made actual plans for how it should look like. I’m going to write more about the beautiful city I live in, with recommendations of places to visit, very subjectively; favorite quotes and songs to inspire; traveling โ€“ places I go to and places I dream to visit in the future; books, series, people, movies โ€“ everything I can think of to inspire the reader.

I think inspiration is needed everyday for those, who wants to have a meaningful life, not just day by day existence. Motivation is important in your life, but inspiration goes a little deeper. It touches your soul a little stronger and teases your heart. Inspiration leads to creativity.

I want to try to inspire you to go outside and see places, to listen to music and let it inspire you, to start doing sports, to write, to play instruments, to think more about positive side of life and to be grateful for all you receive.

Let’s hope I won’t abandon this blog anymore ๐Ÿ™‚

Until the next writing!

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