Hoy es hoy, manana es quizas…


It’s going to be weird and chaotic. But it’s my life, so it should be like that xD

Since a party a week ago I’m lost in songs from the past. “Bailando” stole my heart. When I was a kid I loved Enrique Iglesias. Wow. Now I love rock music more than anything, but when I was 10-12 Enrique sang my fave music and he had a beautiful voice, he was the ideal man. And he spoke Spanish. Which I still find very romantic… and I know I want to learn it. I will. Besides I just found out he’ll be in Belgium very soon. Should I stay or should I go? 😀

There is this ‘Spanish guy’ at school. Few times our eyes just met. Nothing really weird for me. It happens often, because I have a tendency to stare at people. But one day I smiled. And he came closer. I ran away, feeling stupid. But then he approached me again. And then I just gave in, after he said: “Nothing will happen by just staring at each other”. I gave him my phone number, not knowing what would happen, but it didn’t matter. I’m enjoying this. The fact that I don’t really know what would happen and the fact that it makes me feel weird. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep more than usual. But I smile. And I check my phone more often. It’s good.

Reading it now it sounds like a situation from a book. I think I want it to be the first page, not the last one…

Besides this crazy things, I am losing one of my favorite guys from work. He can be the biggest asshole, but he’s still funny and he takes care. And he always helps. He’s changing hotels, so he can go on the steps of his career ladder, I wish him all the best, but I want him back in our hotel. We all want him back.

Meanwhile I’ll try to sleep finally. My best friend told me I move more than usual in my bed. Jesus, I’m glad I am unconscious, at least I know I can’t stop it. But I still feel dumb when I hear that I was moving again like crazy. Hmm. What does it even mean?

Well, goodnight, slaapwel, buenas noches and all the rest. Oh, dobranoc as well 😀

PS. Title taken from E.I. song : “Mas es amar”

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