“There’s something about this town…”

I came back from my holidays a month ago, but couldn’t really get into writing anything new. Now that I live with my best friend I really barely have time for writing. But it’s good that she keeps me busy. We go for a walks around the town, we play cards and bones, we watch movies, we drink and eat more than we should and it’s all just great! And I have dinner on the table every time I come from work 😉 I just hope she enjoys it as much as I do. And that she will still feel ok when she’ll start working. And along with it here we go again through all the paperwork and walking from one office to another. All this paperology is tiring but we have to do this. But this is not what I really wanted to talk about…

Holidays. I spent almost 2 weeks in Poland. Most of those days I spent in my hometown and all I can say about this whole thing is in this song:

Back in the fields they painted gold
Where every breath just feels like home
The people may have changed
To me it’s still the same

Walking the streets that made this man [girl]
Talking the tongue that I once had
So clear
I guess history writes itself here

Forget all the bright lights
The towering skylines
There’s something about this town
Where heaven is closer
The weight off my shoulders
There’s something about this town
And I can’t change what I am made of now
I guess there’s something about this town

The faces are lost at Old John Bull’s
I guess the sands of time are cruel
Somebody calls my name
Wish I could do the same

Lights of the Grand Hotel’s gone dark
But stars seem to shine with a different spark
So clear
I guess history writes itself here
I dream of colours that are evergreen
Oh, whenever I’m southbound
So please forgive sentimentality
Oh, there’s something about this town

He sang it beautifully 🙂 I enjoyed every single moment of being home, of spending time with my mom, dad, two sisters and two brothers. And my brother in law too, oh and the beautiful niece, 5 month old daughter of my sister and now her husband. First week was all about HEAT (I don’t need Egypt, Morocco or Crete to have high temperatures and sunny days) and preparing for the wedding. My sister’s wedding. Remind me later to never organize such a thing. The second week was all about eating leftovers from the wedding and visiting my friends. The wedding ceremony was beautiful. Church was nicely decorated, everything went well, even me singing psalm was fine, even if I started definitely too low and then I had to continue through the whole psalm singing very low notes. Well, that’s me 😛 Party in the restaurant was really great, it was funny and entertaining, I think everyone had a great time. I did.
Besides the whole wedding thing I didn’t rest very much. Every night I woke up when my niece woke up. I lullabied her to sleep every night. So it was very sleepless holidays. I swam a lot in the lakes around my hometown. I enjoyed every minute of being home and I knew going back to Belgium would be hard. But before I started my trip back to Bruges, I went to the city I used to study. I visited my flatmates from those amazing university years, we talked a lot, we danced a lot and we had a blast in our favorite club. Noone knows how much I miss them all….
I wanna go back there, hug them all again, my family and my friends, but I know I can’t. I know that next time I’ll see my niece she’ll be running around the rooms, she’ll be starting talking and she won’t be a baby anymore. She will have some hair, now she doesn’t yet. I just hope she’ll remember me, she won’t be scared when I’d want to hold her close and for a long time. I love this little princess. She’s the most beautiful child I’ve seen in my whole life. She’s the cutest kid ever. God… Why do I have to be so far away from all the people I love only to have a ‘sort-of-normal’ life and not a ‘struggling-to-survive’ life… ?
I came back from holidays feeling like it wasn’t enough.
While in Poland there was typical summer weather, here in Belgium we have some sort of pre-autumn. It rains most of the days (especially when we carry kilograms of shopping stuff from a supermarket) and the temperature rarely shows 20 degrees. Mostly it’s just 17-18. And very cold in the mornings, so my walk to work is not very pleasant. As if it ever was…
Next week we both (my best friend and I) start school. I go to 5th level of Dutch (and there are 10 levels as far as I know, so when I finish this I’ll be halfway there!!!) and she just starts. I hope she’ll enjoy school as much as I do. Work goes on, we all have better and worse days in the hotel. Our boss is more often there and it stresses me out. I go red everytime he speaks to me and that makes me feel helpless. He’s so intimidating. And I bet he knows it and it makes him feel satisfied. Eh. Bosses. Noone really loves them, right? Anyway…
Time to go.


PS. Title and the lyrics: Mans Zelmerlow “Something about this town”

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