Living in Bruges – My favorite places to go for a walk

Autumn is kinda long this year. It’s the middle of November and there are still colorful leaves on the trees, lots of them on the ground; weather is relatively good and it’s not freezing cold. There’s nothing more romantic than going for a walk during autumn, hand in hand with your significant other, or just alone to clear your thoughts. I decided to make a list of my favorite places around Bruges to go for a walk. Some of them are in the center, others a little further, but all of them worth your attention.

1. Astridpark (photo source: )


This park is close to where I live, situated not far from center of Bruges, perfect for a little walk or just to sit on a grass on a warm day. There are few benches around, little pond, where you can spot ducks and swans even, and also a playground for children – where I used to have fun when nobody was around. In the corner of the park there is a nice big church, that you could also visit if you want. I heard it can be dangerous at night there, but I never noticed anything strange, also late in the evening.

2. Walk to Damme (photo source:, author: Tom Lantaff)


Before I discovered any other parks and beautiful places to walk in Bruges, this was already on the list of reason to love this city. This long walk along the canal will take you from Bruges (Damport) to Damme – little pretty village. It takes one hour to reach there calmly walking, but I promise you, it’s absolutely stunning. You could also take a boat that will take you to Damme, but I think walking there has its special charm. You just find yourself in an alley between perfectly straight lines of trees, and you walk and enjoy the views. There will be apart post on Damme soon, for sure.

3. Along outside canal – from Damport to Minnewaterpark (photo source: )


This is a long walk, around 4 km, but definitely one of my favorites. You just walk along the canal, passing by the windmills, surrounded by trees and fields of grass, walking over bridges. You can meet lots of rabbits on your way, sit on benches that are facing the canal, see the boats that are moving slowny right next to you. Another relaxing walk in nature, yet not so far from city center. It takes around 10-15 minutes to get back to the main square.

4. Minnewaterpark (photo source:,_Minnewater.JPG )


Another park in Bruges. Not far from train station (5 min walk), very atmospheric. It’s known for quite famous festival that takes place in the park: Cactus Festival. The park has all that’s needed for relaxing time: paths to wander around, lake with swans and other birds, benches to sit and contemplate, restaurant to drink or eat something. Absolutely stunning and hides quite a legend.

5. City center (photo source: )


Nobody said that the good walk has to happen in a park. Bruges city is perfect for walking around in those narrow streets, between cafes and shops, along the canals. During the day there are thousands of tourists. In the evening there are little less of people, plus the illuminated buildings look amazing. It gives you a little different perspective. I personally love to walk through the center early in the morning, where there’s nobody around, the city still sleeps and only few people are wandering around. Then you can feel this amazing atmosphere of middle age town. It’s so magical, quiet and calm around, like the silence before the storm. I live here for 4 years already, and the Sunday morning walks are still breathtaking for me. I cannot imagine it will ever change.

I bet there are dozens of other wonderful places to go for a walk around Bruges, but these are my favorite. I hope I inspired you to go out for an autumn walk, wherever you are.

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