“Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves on the ground”

She walks like she owns the autumn, step by step on a forest’s path to nowhere.

She walks on fallen leaves, on a colours that are going to fade.

Her red hair dance on a wind with yellow, orange and red leaves.

Her green eyes look around carefully looking for something that’s not dying yet.

With the halfsmile on her lips she walks through the bushes.

She steps on a dying forest and everything she touches on her way, falls down and dies.

There she is, the queen of the forest.

There she is, the queen of the autumn.

There she is, the one that brings everything to death.


I always liked autumn. I always loved colorful leaves falling down, I loved the aura around, I loved long walks in the woods, parks, graveyards. It’s my favorite season, even though I love summer, because of holidays (who doesn’t), there’s something really special in autumn. And the way it’s called “FALL” … because falling has a meaning. Falling is getting down, on your knees, it’s dying, it’s finishing…

Well, anyway, it takes only a look at autumn and you just FALL in love with it :

tumblr_muvddgvUH21qb30dwo1_500 tumblr_mu1q1zuwzi1qb30dwo1_500 tumblr_mt18e5Kzr61qb30dwo1_500 DSC_3613 tumblr_ms5wdf3lgc1qb30dwo1_500 tumblr_mrpc1jMWdl1qb30dwo1_500 tumblr_mp9t4sWwTj1qb30dwo1_500 tumblr_mm8lm5v3Ln1qb30dwo1_500


Photos found on bluepablo.tumblr.com page.

PS. Title taken from Billy Talent’s song “Fallen leaves”. Text by me, well, of course xD


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