Things you DON’T do in a 4 starts hotels – part 1

   You know, on every hotel’s web page you can find comments and rates made by guests. They can write a critique, say that the hotel was terrible or awesome, describe what they expected, what they got, how they liked people working there etc. I think it’s a great idea, but would be even better idea if the workers of the hotel could give some comments about guests also and leave some hints and advices.

   I’ve been working in the hotel for 3 weeks only, but things I’ve seen, things I’ve heard and thing’s I’ve experienced already made me posting this blog post. Seriously, some people expect to be treated like kings and queens while they don’t behave like ones. Well, this is probably part 1 of things you shouldn’t do as a guest in a 4 stars hotel.

1. Shitting on the bathroom floor/bathtub/anywhere else apart from the toilet is not allowed and really rude. You simply don’t do that. Shit belongs to the toilet and only there. Unless you’re a dog or other animal, but then go and shit outside!

2. You shouldn’t expect to be treated special because you’re from France/UK/USA/Spain or any other country. We treat all of you at the same level, 4 starts hotel treats all the guests the same. With the same respect. Some respect back would be nice too.

3. At the restaurant/bar don’t act like pigs, leaving the table as dirty as we don’t know how to start cleaning up after you. Don’t leave dirty forks/knives (especially after using them for smearing Nutella or jam – they are hard to wash) on the white tablecloths. Don’t put your food on it also, don’t smear it all over your place.

4. Do not throw your food all over the restaurant. Especially don’t throw it to people who serve you coffee or tea…

5. If you step on some of people working in the hotel, or run into one of those people, or your suitcase run over someone’s feet, say sorry at least. We’re people too.

6. The rubbish bin in your room and bathroom is for trash, not for decoration purposes. So throw your rubbish INTO it, not AROUND it.

7. Don’t be rude speaking in your native language, because you never know if people working in the hotel don’t speak your language.

8. On the other hand don’t expect us to know every language. Everyone here speaks Dutch (not me yet, but I can understand some things) English, some of us speak French or German also. But don’t expect us to understand everyone of you, we don’t know Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, Latvian, Finnish…well, you get the idea.

9. Space under the bed is not for your rubbish. Follow rule number 6.

10. Just be nice. We all are nice to our guests, and it would be awesome if we get a smile back every time we smile to all of you 🙂

That’s it for now. If something comes to my mind I’ll add it here or write a new post.

Until the next time!

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