“Witness, tell me, what you think of my life? Judge me, jury, if I’m wrong or I’m right…

…I’ve got secrets and lies that would blow your mind…”

I would be nice to introduce myself finally. Not gonna tell you much, but at least you’ll have some idea about me. I’m Miss Disaster, as I called myself some time ago. Why? Because I have a tendency to ‘create’ small disasters. For example I can burn – accidentally, of course – anything in the oven/microwave. And I don’t mean food, that’s kinda normal. I mean plastic covers, or something like this 😉 I could also destroy things, also accidentally. Because all of those little disaster are done by an accident. But I’m still Miss Disaster, noone should be surprised when they see something broken/burnt/destroyed, if I’m around. I don’t mean to do that, but it happens, that’s how I am 😀

I’m joking of course, but the truth is I have some funny accidents from time to time.

Besides being disastrous, I am 24 years old, blond, tall and blue eyed Polish girl, who moved to Belgium 4 weeks ago, right after studies; I graduated in July with a master degree. I came here to get some job, learn the language and then find what I would like to do in my life. Because finishing studies doesn’t always mean you know what you wanna do in your life or who you wanna be. Finding a way of life is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, and I’m still on my way of finding out.

I live in Bruges at the moments, with my aunt and uncle. And their son Q, who I was taking care of for 6 previous summers. I liked that summers, loved spending time with the people there and fell in love with the town, so I thought why wouldn’t I try living here? And so I am doing it now.

In Poland I left my parents and 4 siblings, my best friend M. and all the friends from studies, flatmates, just all the people I love. I miss them all terribly, but I knew I had to move forward, staying in Poland wasn’t an option for me, at least in the past. Because we never know what future brings, right?

I work in a hotel. I found this job via some interim job office, which took me 3 days. One day I phoned them, the second day I visited the office and on a third day I had a job interview. First in my life, in English, and it lasted only 5 minutes. Got the job immediately. I used to be simply a housekeeping girl, but now I got ‘promoted’ to more responsible position. I’m a main help in the restaurant/kitchen and also taking care of all the public area in the hotel. I’ve been working in the hotel for a short time now, but I know it’s not a job of my life. Only a beginning. I’ve met nice girls there, Kasia especially (the kitchen ‘boss’, also from Poland) and Icetea (it’s not her real name of course, just a nickname) who just quit the job, so now I took her place.

Besides working I also attend to a Dutch course, which I quite enjoy. Only the late hours are making me tired, but I can handle that I hope. I wanna learn fast and good. And be able to understand and speak as soon as possible. I can’t tell you if I like this language yet. So far it hasn’t been that difficult. We’ll see in the future 🙂

All the formal stuff I have to do here makes me feel dizzy. Getting permit to stay here (got to go to city hall, all by myself, not understanding a thing, so all the given directions on the walls of the building didn’t help a lot, but oh well…) takes me 3 weeks already. I’m waiting for the police to come and check if I live at the given address and then I’ll get something, a card or whatever. Then I’ll do a SIS card (it’s some kind of security card) and my bank account (so far I use my friend’s bank account). And I bet that when I do all of these things it’s not going to be over. If I could I would end it all up…

What can I say more about myself… I love chocolate (why would I came here to Belgium – the country of best chocolate in the world- if not to get fat eating tons of chocolate 😉 ), ice cream (you never have to ask me if I want some ice cream, I always want) and risotto made by my uncle. Actually I just like everything he cooks and just watching him cooking, oh and I could listen to his funny and interesting stories from his live for hours, cause it seems like all weird (in a good way) things happens exactly to him 😀 I will have to write a book with him!

Here we go to this: I love writing. Stories, sometimes poems, or just some texts. I love playing guitar. And I love 30 Seconds To Mars. I’m shy mostly, sometimes crazy, very lazy, I love late evenings, I could live at night, I love New York and I want to go to Los Angeles to walk on Hollywood Hills. I wanna follow my dreams and keep on going. And the rest you’ll know along with reading my blog.

That’s it for now. Have a nice week everyone!

PS. Title taken from 30STM song “Witness”.

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