“I think you need some education…” ;-)

   One day I’ll make some proper introduction of myself here. But I’d need more time to write a proper post. For now I’ll leave with a short look at what happened today 🙂

   Today I had my first Dutch class. I’m overtired, I ran from work to home, took a shower, ate and then ran to school. It’s going to be like that twice a week. I signed up for very intensive evening course, which means I’ll finish first level in 8 weeks, while other courses take about 16 weeks or something. I really want to learn fast. I was wondering how would that look like, I mean it’s Dutch for international people, so noone speaks Dutch, everyone tries English, and the teacher has to explain really basic things, like ‘to be’ or how to introduce myself. It went well. Teacher is a nice, funny guy, I met few people from Poland, in fact half of our group is from Poland, some girl form Alaska, some guy from Canada, others form different European or Far East countries.

   To get to Dutch course as a foreigner you have to go to The House of Dutch. They will make interview with you, and advice you the best course for you. Be prepared for long waiting in the House, cause they don’t make appointments, and everyone comes at a time they are free, so there’s a traffic jam in waiting room. Plus it’s hot there…

   Anyway, if you wanna live here, work here, maybe settle down here, learning Dutch would be very helpful – if not necessary. All I can say it’s a mix of German and English with a bit of French maybe, though I know nothing about French. Oh and PRONOUNCIATION of some letters will definitely kill you 😉

   So I think that’s it. So far I like the course. The tempo is ok, I can catch up with everything, it’s not very hard yet, we’ll see the next time.

   Tot ziens! (See you next time, or something…)

Ps. Title taken from unreleased 30 Seconds To Mars song “Revolution”

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