Our babymoon in France! Travel diary – day 4 – Le Clos du Quesney and pregnancy photo session

Here we come to solve the mystery of 12 liters of milk , that we bought before we even left to our babymoon. But first I want to tell you all about this incredible Normandy style mansion, that we enjoyed during our stay.

Le Clos du Quesney is a B&B located in Corneville-sur-Risle, in the heart of ‘Boucles de la Seine Normande’ Regional Nature Park. It was build 1740 in a typical Normandy style, which remained until today. It’s surrounded by big garden and a forest, a few farms and obviously orchards, that give us the delicious cider from Normandy.

photo source: http://www.leclosduquesney.com // the rest of the photos made by hubby, edited by me, or from our instagrams

The building was abandoned in 1970s and was left to its natural death, until its current owner bought it and restored it around ten years ago in the old Normandy style, and made it a Bed and Breakfast. When you enter the mansion, the decorations take you back in time, with antique furniture, original but restored paintings of the walls, fireplaces and old mirrors.

Lobby, where you can chill with a glass/bottle of apple cider
Lobby, where you can also play the piano
Lobby through some old mirror
Breakfast room with a fireplace
Breakfast room with the door to the garden and very comfortable sofa
Apple cider corner. You could also buy cider from a nearby orchard villa

There are only 3 rooms, but they are quite big and comfortable, very stylish, with a unique décor. But my favorite thing in our room was the huge blue bathroom. It had this gorgeous big bath, mirrors, old school makeup table and two big windows, that provided natural light in the morning – perfect for applying that mentioned makeup.

Our bedroom
Our bathroom
Our bedroom

Breakfast room and lounge area downstairs is really spacious and quite comfortable. You can drink local cider there, eat delicious caramels – another delicacy of Normandy – and enjoy the gardens. There are occasional visitors there, eating roses and other flowers: the deer family! We were lucky to see them after breakfast one morning. The closed garden has something modern to it: a heated swimming pool surrounded by sunbeds and tables, so you can even eat your breakfast outside.

Back garden with swimming pool (now covered) and the door to breakfast room on the right
Side part of the garden and forest

Talking about breakfast – it is delicious. Mostly local products, from a farm next to the mansion. So we get bread, eggs, milk, tea, coffee, homemade jam and yogurt, ham, different types of cheese, some pastry…

The owner, Pierre, is very friendly and helpful. He keeps the rooms clean and the whole place very welcoming. He told us the story of the mansion and He offers you touristic advises as well, gives you maps and tells you the best ways to visit the most possible places. His recommendations worked for us perfectly.

We couldn’t have chosen a better place to stay. We enjoyed it to the bits and it happened to be a perfect location for our pregnancy photo session. We made couple of photos on the bed, with a natural light coming from the big windows. The style of the room was perfect for it.



But the bathroom was just a dream for the photos. We made some at the door, some in front of the mirror or at the window.



Say hello to my personal photographer!



The favorite part of the photo shoot was filling the bathtub with water and milk and taking a bath in that, especially for the photos! We arranged some flowers around me, floating in the water or just resting on the edge of the bath, it looked dreamy and we had so much fun with it. Two big windows gave us perfect light and the whole photo session was a success.



And then, it rained all the way back home. We came back rested, happy and ready to welcome our little baby to the world. And how that went, you can read here.

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