Cherishing the moments with an unborn baby

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It may sound weird. Because if you think about it, the child is kind of not here yet, we can’t hold the baby in our arms or see his beautiful face. And yet I enjoy every change in my body (well maybe besides losing sight of my feet ๐Ÿ˜‰), every visit at the doctor, every flutter in my belly, every little kick I feel inside me. I cherish all those moments.

I was sitting yesterday on the sofa, polishing my nails and putting some colour on them, while watching “Friends” (guilty pleasure) and my little baby was very active in my womb. He was turning, giving strong kicks (mostly to my bladder, of course), stretching and I don’t know what else. It felt amazing. Every move I notice inside my belly gives me little shivers and makes me smile a bit. It’s the best evidence of a life growing in me, the tiny hands and legs, the pretty little face with chubby cheeks and small belly that covers a beating heart. Isn’t it something to enjoy?

Going to monthly doctor visit is another level of getting to know our child. We can see him and the view makes us feel overwhelmed with love and gratitude, that we were able to make another life happen. Seeing the baby bigger and stronger is so encouraging. Observing the little hands moving like he’s waving to us makes us melt. I always have tears in my eyes while watching our baby on the echo screen. And we cannot wait for the next time!

Those precious moments we cherish so much. It’s almost impossible how much we love our tiny baby already, and the love grows every day. I catch myself constantly touching my belly, giving it a little massage or delicate pats; my husband kisses it and speaks to the baby. He can also feel the delicate kicks whenever he puts his hand or cheek against my belly.

This is such a beautiful journey, this pregnancy thing. And so what that I was feeling sick, that I have lots of back pain and that I am constantly tired and sleepy. My body is a production line for another member of our family and I am enjoying and cherishing this period, as long as it lasts.

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